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17-year-old Jake McCluskey has controlled to live the end the dream of plenty of childhoods, after building his own roller coaster in his backyard.

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The roller coaster, i m sorry takes up the totality of his 24 feet through 15 feet north Virginia backyard, consists of its very own drop and also loops fully around the garden.

After being triggered by family and also friends, McCluskey mutual footage the the ride come his tiktok account, and was favoured by the because that You page algorithm of the app, which amassed him over 16 million collective views.

McCluskey, who has wanted to be a roller coaster engineer because the period of five, make the ride completely by himself making use of leftover wood from building sites, screws, PVC pipe and also skateboard wheels.

"Home Depot is really like my second home," he speak

Unlike many other make-shift roller coasters, McCluskey"s drive is much more than just a dare on a track—it has actually a cable lift which traction you to the peak of the drop, and a bar which climate releases you.


Jake McCluskey constructed a roller coaster in his own backyard, and also went famous on tiktok for it. Image courtesy of Jake McCluskey.Jake McCluskeyAs the home of practically any tutorial you have the right to think of, McCluskey supplied YouTube to expand on his design skills, in addition to the impetus of will Pemble.

The YouTuber-turned-Netflix-star"s trip to coming to be an at-home roller coaster owner urged McCluskey to start with own first version in January 2020. He spent around five month in 2020 working out how to do it turn smoothly, and later went back to make his 3rd and fourth versions in April 2021.

For McCluskey, that told that usual classroom environments don"t foster his ADHD, his mission to do a roller coaster has been an ongoing and specialized one: "It to be blood, sweat and tears," he jokes. "There"s been times it"s to be raining, like pouring rain, and I"m the end there drilling nails."

The difficult work paid off once McCluskey went famous on might 13, receiving an influx of safety comments, mixed in v a few inevitable Phineas and also Ferb comparisons.

"I remained in my English class, and I looked in ~ my phone. Ns was like, "Oh mine gosh, I have actually like, 80,000 views." I referred to as my mom and I was prefer "Mom, ns think I could get famous"," that joked.


the ideal thing ever before is as soon as your mother supports everything you do and also even ride her backyard roller coaster i love you so lot mom

♬ call me - 90sFlav

Proud mommy Jill McCluskey, claims she unsurprisingly at first told her child he couldn"t turn her garden into an amusement park. Choose any great teenager would, Jake McCluskey began to secretly construct it in the garage anyway.

"I"ve constantly tried to encourage and support and also give him resources to channel the creativity. So i was just like, "okay, just go for it"," explains Jill McCluskey on her change of heart.

Now, she also featured in a TikTok video clip capturing her very first drop ~ above the rollercoaster, in front of 200,000 views.

"She placed up the white flag," hoax Jake.

Although his dream project is a mechanical engineer, Jake McCluskey explains that his grades "may not be the best," but that he potentially sees collection and style as a close second—his TikTok also hosts videos indigenous his Halloween haunted house, which that sets up for the community annually and also spends "two month straight structure it."

Next, Jake McCluskey to plan to take it the roller coaster come the following level with a full loop finish with one upwards elevator hill and a tunnel because that it come ride through.

He"s not forgetting the app that sent out him viral in the very first place either, together he intends to paint the cart TikTok"s signature red, blue and black shades.

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You deserve to follow in addition to Jake McCluskey"s next procedures in building his at-home roller coaster on his tik account,