Spending new Year’s at house with the youngsters this year? You have the right to still store the night fun! Ringing in the new Year v Kids can be a great family-friendly celebration. And now you can make that even better by making your own brand-new Year’s ball for very early countdown with your kids!

You’ve gotta admit that also as one adult, city hall the ball drop is a to mark of the night… or at the very least pretend it is. However no one desires to have tired, cranky we-all-stayed-up-til-midnight meltdowns withe the children the following day. Which was the impetus behind this craft… permit the children enjoy their very own sphere drop in ~ home and tuck castle in at any time bedtime calls.

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When ns orginally composed this post earlier in 2013, our brand-new Year’s Eve to be pretty quiet. Brad and I would placed our tiny people in bed, pat cards, have actually snacks, smooch at midnight and also head come bed… if us hadn’t currently fallen sleep on the sofa. However, a few years earlier we began hosting The Carlson’s annual Rockin’ new Year’s Party and invite any and everyone we want to ring in the new year with. It could be one of my favorite occasions of the year! Sequins and an intricate appetizers and cocktails, five my! our dining room table is expanded to it’s 10-person capacity and also every inch of the is covered in exceptional appetizers and desserts. The kitchen island often tends to it is in the gathering point where new friends, old friend, and also neighbors begin to mix and mingle. Laughter filling the air. Story telling lasts the totality night. And our basement is exploding through squeals and also laughter (and rowdiness) from all the kids enjoying your night together. (BTW… us hire a couple babysitters every year so united state adults can enjoy and also the child chaos doesn’t obtain crazy.)

At then at 9:00, us stream the vault year’s sphere drop top top the television as parents and also kids all join together to countdown our early new year. Brad slowly lowers ours beautiful, shiny new Year’s Ball and as the countdown will 1, the room erupts in desire of Happy new Year. The kids, gleaming through excitement that their fancy glass and special drink (a.k.a. A disposable champagne glass filled v sparkling to apologize juice), are so funny to watch. Torn between the fun of toasting and also the desire to drink under those bubbles, some will certainly sneak a sip before the glass clinking begins. Others will certainly thoughtfully (yet quickly) make rounds come all their friends and also mom and also dad very first before chugging their treat.

Of course, the night doesn’t actually end there. The youngsters dash for your pajamas and blankets or the stuffed pets they brought and cozy increase in the basement for a movie and one critical round of snacks. Ns love to sneak down and see them all settled in. There space the cuddlers who have found a friend or avestor to snuggle up with. There are the children who room in a TV trance, the barely blink for are afraid their eyes won’t open again. And also then there’s the sleepers. Meanwhile, the parents finish enjoying the last couple of hours that the year through games and also eats and deepened friendships.

Oh mine gosh! such a funny celebration! therefore let’s perform this… let’s obtain you making her own new Year’s ball so friend too, can embrace memories like this because that yourself.



Supplies needed…

Styrofoam round (we used an 8″)Aluminum foilDuct tapeLarge container of one diamond gemsGlue dots — mini 3/16″ and medium-sized 3/8″ people (for ours 8″ ball, us used about 1,200 dots)Eyelet screw, largeThin rope, twine or string

Get yo’ handmade on…


Wrap your Styrofoam round with aluminum foil. Ns will imply not having your youngsters do this step. It sounds simple enough, but it to be a small tricky. My silver paper wasn’t quite vast enough come cover the whole ball therefore I reduced a pair small pieces of foil and patched over the exposed styrofoam. (Note: I supplied a glue dot to aid secure this extra patch of foil.)

Cut 2 broad strips of duct tape and secure in one X in ~ the peak of the ball. Cover v foil. This just offers the screw a little reinforcement and will hopefully keep it native pulling through.


Poke one eyelet screw with the duct tape in ~ the optimal of the ball and crank under the screw until it can not go any type of further right into the ball.


Next, utilizing scrapbook adhesive, rod gems all over the ball so it has actually the glitz and also glimmer that the real thing.

The boys started off adding the gems in lines, then started to it is in a little more spuratic through their placement. Dylan (our 3 1/2 year old) began to acquire a small antsy and also placed jewel here and also there. Us realized that was easier to accomplish a fill in look at by making sure each gem we included was poignant 1-2 other gems than to fill our gaps through the tiny gems for this reason I began reminding the guys to make sure the gem they to be placing was emotional as many other gems as possible.

Daddy even joined in the funny by putting glue dots on the ago of the gems! I’m certain somewhere in the craft world there room gems that currently have adhesive bonded to them. Unfortunately, those weren’t the gems I had purchased. So v Brad’s help, he and also I were including a glue dot to the ago of the gems and laying them on the counter (glue period side up) so they were prepared for the guys to place on the ball. Having two of us doing glue dots to be the only method we were able to stay ahead that the boys. For this reason I’d very recommend make this task a household affair. The top quality time talking and also working with each other was fulfilling. And it make the project go faster!

(Two sidenotes on adding glue dots come the gems… 1) make sure your glue period is the exact same size as or slightly smaller sized than the gem. We had multiple size of jewel so I got two sizes of glue dots. 2) The easiest and quickest means to add a glue period to the gem was to take it the gem, press it on to the roll the glue dot comes on, and using the gem to peel the glue period off the roll. And also it expected we had less call with the glue than if we just used ours fingers and peeled the dot off!)


Dylan’s attention span diminished as his sleepiness increased. Therefore he dubbed it a night when Connor and also I preserved going till we ran out of adhesive dots. We used two rolfes of 300 and also were only fifty percent done! Needless to say, PLAN. Setup time to do the ball. I think all together we supplied 1,200 gems and also glue dots. That is a time consuming job for sure. Yet we have had actually years the celebrations native this one ball. Certainly worth your time!

The high quality time you get with your kids creating the sphere is absolutely worth that too! It totally intrigued me watching Connor’s gem placement. The thoughtfully considered where to ar each one based upon gem size and with the mission to fill in all gaps. He happily chatted about, fine anything that involves a 5-year old’s mind. But he made sure to permit me know (multiple times) that doing this activity made the happy! And, never having actually seen a round drop, he was filled v curiousity of what on earth we to be going to do with this sparkly orb.

“How go the ball gain on optimal of the building?”

“Will the gems autumn off?”

And then, after currently working top top the ball for about 40 minutes, that proclaimed, “Look, I have the right to see mine eye!”


Connor realized that together he was trying to find the perfect location to add his gem, that he could see his refection in the gems. It totally amused him. Together it did once a little later, he provided his hands to emphasis the light and also watch the reflections of them in the gems.

My friend, making the round took hours. HOURS! and also somehow we still have a tiny bald spot on the ball that didn’t obtain finished. Yet even now, 6 years later, the thrill of see this beautiful occupational of art as a symbol of hope and the happiness of an additional year still renders our boys’ deals with light increase as lot as the did during those hours we invested gluing on gems. Seriously, I’m not sure what shines more, the ball or the kid’s faces.

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So an extremely worth it!

Now, for the ball drop itself… merely loop twine or yarn through the eyelet screw and tie. Leaving a long end to the “rope” for this reason you deserve to lower that from a clues in your house (hanging light, curtain rod, tree hook, etc).

I expect you and also your family have an impressive celebration v your new Year’s Ball and also an exceptional time making it together!