It"s not the an initial car you"d think come mod, but with a kind chassis and affordable price, it"ll surprised you.

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When the first-gen Chevrolet Cruze to be introduced, it was a significant improvement over the Cobalt the replaced. Yet compared to more recent compact sedans favor the Mazda3, the Cruze quickly found itself outclassed.

Then again, just due to the fact that it got outshone by the vain didn"t median the Cruze to be a bad car. The manual transmission to be solid, the chassis was well-sorted, and also if you went for the Eco model, it could get practically 40 mpg highway. Because that a gasoline-powered car, the was some superior fuel economy.

And as Matt Farah found out in his most recent One Take, a couple of precisely-aimed adjustments can rotate the Chevrolet Cruze Eco into a truly entertaining car. Thanks to the Cruze"s bad resale value, you have the right to pick one up because that cheap. Include a couple of modifications to boost the handling, and it"ll be all set to autocross in no time.

It could not be the an initial car that pops into your mind because that cheap speed. But who doesn"t favor a sleeper, specifically one friend can construct on a budget?

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