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If you loved our homemade Chick-Fil-A nuggets recipe, you room going to go crazy for this perfect Copycat Chickfila Chicken Sandwich recipe, finish with homemade Chickfila Sauce!


Copycat Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Recipe

Want come hear a first world problem?

My closest Chick-Fil-A location is two hrs away from my house.

It’s a tragedy, really. Yet even if your closest Chick-Fil-A is closer than mine, there’s quiet the stunner expensive prices, super busy lunchtime line-ups, and not-open-on-Sundays policy that have the right to leave friend craving a Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich and also in need of a homemade alternative.

Well, ns was happy to take it the job of experimenting and taste-testing numerous homemade fried chicken sandwiches to supply you the perfect copycat Chickfila sandwich recipe. This recipe is perfect for parties, tailgating, or simply a special weeknight meal where you feel like indulging however don’t desire to invest $50 to treat the household to take-out. Pair it through our homemade french fries and you’ll reconsider ever before getting in the drive-thru lane again.


Can these Chick-fil-A sandwiches it is in frozen? Yes, you can freeze these chicken filets either after coating (before frying) or after frying. However, the taste will certainly be various than if castle were delighted in fresh.

Can ns used an additional cut of meat instead of chest meat? Yes, you deserve to use any chicken cut that you like, however I personally introduce chicken breasts. The taste won’t be exactly the very same if you usage a fattier cut, prefer chicken thighs, yet it will certainly still taste great.

Can i make the coating crunchier? Yes, friend can attain this by one of two people double-coating the chicken breasts v the egg and also flour breading, or by including in crushed crackers or well bread crumbs come the flour coating.

Why use peanut oil? Peanut oil has a high exhilaration point, so you won’t experience burning oil or the oil smoking, which to add an unpleasant taste come the food you room cooking. (Exceeding an oil’s smoke point also destroys useful nutrients and also phytochemicals, if releasing free radicals.) Peanut oil likewise has a really neutral taste and you can strain and re-use it numerous times. The may likewise be healthier 보다 other timeless frying methods. If you can’t get peanut oil, vegetable and canola oil both have actually high smoke points because that frying food.

Can I usage something else to brine the chicken instead of pickle juice? I very recommend using dill pickle juice come brine the chicken for the many accurate copycat results, however, you can use buttermilk (or milk v a tablespoon the vinegar) or a salt water brine in it’s place.

Check the end our quick video clip to see exactly how to do your own homemade Chick-fil-a Sandwiches (and ours copycat Chick-fil-a sauce) – and also then don’t forget come scroll under to take your complimentary printable recipe card:


Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Ingredients

Salt and pepper, come tastePicklesBrioche Buns

For the Copycat Chick-Fil-A Sauce:

Dijon mustard

Scroll down to the printable recipe card for full measurements.

Tip: if you must avoid milk, usage coconut milk. Usage vegetable oil if there is a peanut oil allergy concern.


Kitchen tools You May discover Helpful

Measuring cups and spoonsSharp kitchen knifeMeat malletSmall bowlsWhiskMeat Thermometer


How to do Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches

Place the dill pickle brine in a container v a lid.

Place the chicken chest on a cut board and cover v plastic plunder or parchment paper.

Flatten the chicken breast through a pie roller or meat mallet, try to acquire it to 1/2″ thickness.


Remove the plastic wrap, cut the chicken breasts in fifty percent and then location in the dill pickle brine.

Cover and also refrigerate for at least 2 hours, or overnight.


In a shallow dish, integrate the flour, powdered icing sugar, and seasoning. Set aside.

In a 2nd dish, combine the milk and egg.

Place the 2 cups of peanut oil in a heavy pot (like a netherlands oven) over medium heat.


Dip each piece of chicken in the milk mixture, climate dredge in the flour mixture.

When the oil is hot, include the chicken one or two pieces in ~ a time and fry till golden, around 4 minutes. (They have to be at least 165ºF within to be completely cooked.)

Remove the chicken from the oil and drain top top a record towel-lined plate.

Repeat v all chicken pieces.


How to do Chick Fil A Sauce

For the Chick-Fil-A sauce, integrate all sauce ingredient together and also whisk until well-blended.

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To assemble your Chick Fil A Sandwiches:

Layer sauce, chicken and pickles top top a brioche bun. You can likewise butter and also toast the bun, if desired.