Today is Valentine’s Day! back Valentine’s job is not originally a Chinese solemn event (China has her very own version that Valentine’s job – Qixi Festival), more and an ext Chinese couples space adopting this celebration event of love together their own. After all, love is universal, right? exactly how love is shown, however, deserve to vary from culture to culture, family members to family, and individual to individual.

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One of my favorite memories of celebrating the engagement to mine Chinese husband is stop hands, walking v lively streets and buying durian with each other at a vivid market in Nanning, south China. We appreciated it in ~ a surrounding hostel with a cup that coffee. I had actually never consumed durian before and probably wouldn’t even have tried it if the wasn’t because that my husband. I do love to indulge in a item of durian from time to time currently (luckily I’m not pregnant and don’t need to spend a luck on durians anymore), and have even tried my husband’s durian pizza. I’m a lover of great food, and it is an extremely fitting that for ours engagement, we celebrated with food instead of flower (we also went come a nearby food market). People say Chinese show love through food, and also I can only attest to this judging from my own relationship. And let’s it is in honest, food is much much better than flowers anyways! But, let’s watch if i was too fast when saying Chinese present their love v food. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, right here are 4 more accounts of just how Chinese men present love to their Western women:

Becky indigenous Writer. Traveler. Tea Drinker – A tiny piece that bread leader to a big moment

I’m probably one of the the very least romantic women you will certainly meet. I think Valentines work is part BS “hallmark” holiday the was made just to market junk. Once I date a guy, they pick up ~ above it, and also there is no press for several of the much more traditional romantic gestures choose flowers, chocolates or high-quality dinners. I just don’t like and/or want it.

But one night mine paoyou (Chinese for friend through benefits) and I were sitting city hall a movie. We had been with each other for more than a year, but not in an exclusive relationship. We were close, as lovers would be ~ a year, but not too close. Ns didn’t cave out with his friend or recognize much around his life, and also vice-versa. While us were sweet, and also affectionate, us weren’t specifically romantic and also that suited united state both just fine.

But this night, while watching a movie, he was snacking ~ above a item of bread. That had eaten one or 2 pieces currently and was kinda simply pecking in ~ it slowly. Ns didn’t think much of it. Then he took the bread far from his mouth and gave it to me. “I don’t want any kind of bread,” I said waving my hand, tho watching the television screen.

“No, I’m giving it come you,” he stated insisting. Ns tore mine eyes away from the movie to look.

He had nibbled the bread right into the shape of a heart.

A little moment, yet one that the sweet gestures i will never ever forget.

Susie from daily Susily – The romance of a thoughtful Listener

Although China has actually it’s very own Valentine’s job of sorts, February 14th has actually been bring away up with fervour, specifically by restaurants and online stores. Expensive enjoy the meal sets, chocolates, flowers, presents – this, come me, is no romance. ~ above the surface, mine lovely Beijing guy does not show up to be overly romantic – but I slowly pertained to recognise a different kind of romantic in him the warms mine heart.


My husband’s family don’t share hugs or basic embraces. Just once have actually I regulated to sway my husband come hug a family members member. I deserve to still check out their tears. Learning it was perhaps the critical time that would see his grandmother, I sent out him back up the mountain. A tide goodbye on the occasion just wasn’t enough. So whereby does the leave me? wherein my husband come from, love is regularly expressed on paper. Poetry is written, some original, some duplicated from the greats. This may have readjusted since the come of WeChat. We had been together for not even two months prior to we to be separated in a 2 year long distance relationship. The didn’t know how to use a computer and also only had access to a windy phone crate so we created letters the old fashioned way.

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One job I obtained a parcel at my university halls the residence in the U.K. I knew the he would have actually forfeited meals to save up because that the postage cost. Within was a silver- coloured ornament v instructions that had carefully handwritten. When assembled and also batteries inserted, the 2 figurines twirled roughly in circles prior to joining in the centre because that a kiss. The wrote, “though we are apart, sooner or later our human beings will collide again”.