When Twitter an initial came out with picture collages, ns was disappointed. The function was really exciting and also opened increase a bunch of doors because that marketers ... Yet it was only accessible for iPhones. Ns don"t know plenty of marketers that have the time come track down an iPhone, send the right pictures for the collage to the iPhone, and then placed the collage with each other while hoping the it"ll look at okay as soon as tweeted.

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Twitter did say that the attribute would soon be rolled the end to desktop, however gave no official timeline. So ns waited patiently, checking to watch every so regularly if I could upload more than one photograph in a tweet from my desktop. Every couple of weeks, I"d get the same an outcome -- nada.

But trial and error this the end a few days ago, ns struck gold. Though Twitter hasn"t officially announced this yet, it seems prefer you have the right to now develop Twitter collages top top desktop, iPhone, and also Android.

So, knowing that you"re resourceful marketer wanting come take benefit of new features that can improve your Twitter presence, i figured you"d desire to obtain the within scoop on that all. Listed below you"ll learn how to make sure your images look an excellent and how to post collages indigenous both desktop and mobile.

Bonus: All instances are utilizing adorable french bulldogs (and one with Leonardo DiCaprio) since tutorials room much more fun that way.

Before friend Post: Optimizing Your pictures for Twitter photograph Collages

I understand what you"re thinking -- if you"re going to use these Twitter photo collages, you want to make certain it watch great.

When this attribute was iPhone-only, it to be reallllly hard to optimize your photos -- it was type of a guess-and-check video game that forced you come upload a billion various sizes and hope they would certainly look okay in the collage preview.

How big Your photos Should Be

The adhering to sizes room for how huge they"ll it is in in the preview -- if you desire each photo to be bigger as soon as opened individually, just keep the same elevation to broad ratio.

Basically, the larger image on the left (used in two- and three-picture collages) is a square (approximately 277 px x 277 px). The photos on the ideal (used in three- and also four-picture collages) is about half as tall together the square image (approximately 277 px vast x 137 px tall).

Here"s what that looks like:


In What Order you Should choose the Images

Twitter uploads pictures in a certain order depending on the stimulate you select them in (more on that later). If you care around the order of her images, check out the images listed below to watch in i m sorry order you need to pick them.

For Two-Photo Collages


For Three-Photo Collages


For Four-Photo Collages


And that"s about it in regards to optimization. Next up, exactly how to actually article them from your desktop or cell phone device.

How to write-up a Collage from Desktop

Once you"ve acquired the images you want in your collage in tip-top optimized shape, here"s exactly how you can short article them from your desktop.

1) click on the compose switch in the optimal right-hand edge of your house screen.


2) In the bottom left-hand corner of the compose box, click "Add Photo."


3) select the very first photo you desire to incorporate in the collage.


4) The very first photo girlfriend selected will appear in her tweet. To add more, click "Add more."

Yep, you"re gonna require to add each picture individually.


5) as soon as you include each photo you want right into the tweet, add your message and/or links, climate click "Tweet. Voila, collage!


How short article a Collage indigenous Mobile

If you room on the fly, here"s exactly how you can article photos indigenous mobile.Previously this to be the only means you could article collages, yet now friend can also post indigenous Twitter.com every the above instructions.

Note: These screenshot were handled an iPhone; your app may look contempt different.

1) choose the compose icon in the peak right-hand corner of her app.


2) Then, select the an initial image you desire in your collage.

Select the camera symbol in the center if you want to take the image at that minute or choose the photo symbol if you want to use images from your album.I made decision the latter -- you can want to execute the exact same if girlfriend have currently optimized the photos for the collage.


3) The photo will get inserted right into your tweet. To include to the collage, click the photo icon again (now it has actually the plus authorize to signify it"ll it is in a collage).


4) select the photos you desire in her collage in the bespeak you"d favor them come appear. The number top top the picture designates the stimulate they"ll it is in in.


5) Then, voila! You"re all set to short article your fabulous (and perhaps adorable) Twitter photo collage.

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And it"s as simple as that! how do girlfriend think you"ll use Twitter"s collage feature?If you want catalyst for how to use these collages in her marketing, check out this post.