Let me guess. You went to Cuba for a long weekend and also met a seemingly mysterious and also charming regional at Fabrica del Arte or in ~ some various other paladar in through live music. One kiss and also exchange of social media handle later and also you’re officially in a relationship. Welcome to date a Cuban.

Cubans are notorious for your charm and their trust toshow you it. Us don’t blame girlfriend forfalling in lust in a weekend. Nobody does, not also Camila Caballo in herfamous “Havana” struggle song.

But, I hate to break it come you,you no alone.

If I had a dollar every time who messaged me (onInstagram) a version of that story, I might buy an overly priced motorcyclealready top top this damn island.

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Dating a cuban and also the love culture in basic here is tough to explain and even more complicated to understand. Though, anyone who’s spent significant time below knows what I’m talk about.

In part unspoken language, we all do. We all understand what’shappening and also we all store our mouths shut. Ns mean, ~ all, it isn’t ourbusiness. But I’m willing to share a couple of observations i have learned end theyears.

So before you recharge a cell-phone or send any type of moneythrough west Union, let me shot my best to describe and also give you part tips onhow points work here on the island the lust.

And by no method is this a blanket explanation the every Cuban-foreign relationship. I myself would be a hypocrite to state that, together I am a Cuban-American engaged to a Cuban-Russian born (its complicated…).

So no, this does not use toeveryone. Yet it does, indeed, apply.

The warmth Up!

1. Cuba’s negative Economy Creates opportunities of Desperation

First points first: Cuba’s economy. The no surprise to anyone the Cuba isn’t exactly experiencing the “Golden” age.

With incomes low and also opportunities even lower, for countless theCuban dream no much longer is a dream within the country.

Cubans look at north. Lock look south. East and west. Just around anywhere but Cuba because that their desires for a much better future.

It’s something everyone here seems to have in common. Itunites the country in part bizarre melancholy way and anyone talks around it.It’s the society glue that bonds us all together.

And since of this, Cubans have actually tried various differentmethods to leaving the island or make their situation on it lot morecomfortable.

That’s wherein you come in.

2. Dating a Cuban 101: Jineteros

Cuban Jintereos : date a Cuban

To the seemingly naïve foreigner,many don’t recognize what a “Jinetero” is. Though, in Cuban culture, ‘jinetero” is aterm we prosper up with.

Jineteros or Jineteras in thesimpliest form are hustlers in any method but most recognized for gift in the sex industry.Whether because that a day, a week, or for an entire relationship.

Yes, I stated it- an entirerelationship.

We have met some jineteros thatwill fake being in love to proceed an continuous relationship v a foreigner. It’sa sad truth, but it walk happen. Castle will have their own family members on theisland and also when the foreigner comes, their partner vacates the home and therest the the family plays along. Theywork with each other for the week.

Of course, like I said not every relationship is this way but if you intend to be dating a Cuban you will certainly absolutely need to know what a jinetero is.

3. It will certainly Be an Expensive connection

Expect come pay…. Because that everything. Unfortunately, couple of Cubans have the money totake their partners on a suitable date come wine and also dine them. The shit doesn’t occur here.

If you’re provided to her partnerstaking you various places and having them pay or share costs, this will definitelytest you.

Because as well as the prices ofgoing out to dinner and also dates, you will have to obtain to Cuba and most likelygift them points they and also their family needs. Five yes, the. Family is alwaysincluded in Cuba. Always.

The real costs are maintainingthe relationship. Want to contact Cuba?EXPENSIVE AF

Want to speak to lock on theinternet? expensive AF

Want lock to leave the nation with girlfriend to begin your life together? at sight SUPER supervisor EXPENSIVE AFFF for YEARS.

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But if they space worth it, then you won’t care. Here are some apps you’ll need in Cuba.

Yoel and I chatting on facebook Messenger

4. Cubans Cheat… A Lot

I know this is an especially hardand uncomfortable point to write, but they likelihood of your Cuban cheating onyou if you’re not in Cuba is enormous.Whether you okay v it or not, its yes, really apart that the culture.

And weirdly since its for this reason prevalentits still taboo to talk about. That is likewe all understand its happening however pretending that is not.

Ojos que no ven, Corazon que nosiente (Eyes that perform not see, heart the does no feel).

Really though: Cubans cheat andthey perform often.

once there’s naught to do all day and the culture very open up with sex in general, the field is wide open. Add to its also really hard to find out what you’re partner is doing within the low connected island every day.

I recommend having actually an honesttalk through yourself and also your partner around what friend expect and also your values.

5. Date a Cuban = Moving incredibly Fast

I’m laughing composing this pointup but here’s a usual storyline:

Day 1: friend meet and also have fun Day 2: You meet the FamilyDay 3: The Proposal

Ok it is a little bit of anexaggeration, but true. Cubans date insanely fast contrasted to foreigners.

For example, foreigners take months to decide if they are actually in a relationship or not, Cubans space moved right into their in-laws in a month, have actually a ring, and also call each various other “maridos (husband/wife).

I’m serious.

In conclusion, nothing be weirded the end (and i am warning you) If you gain proposed to on your third or 4th visit and already having their mommy calling friend her son or daughter in law.

If you think its going too fast,just try to explain to her partner just how things room a bit faster than what youare supplied to. Don’t feel pressured right into things if her gut is telling you somethingelse.

Your new family isn’t simply you in-laws… its the entire community too.


If you’re traveling to Cuba together a female solo or in a group, you re welcome please review my advice on female take trip in Cuba. In short, Cuba is a fun and also extremely safe ar for females. You’ll just acquire lots of catcalls!