Most that us space in the search for space-saving and functional furniture due to the fact that we all want to maximize the space we have available. A daybed is one such furniture item the is particularly useful in tiny living rooms or dorms. This bed is a versatile item that can adjust into a seating area during the day and also sleeping area during the afternoon or night.

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If you have actually a trundle bed and want to do it even much more functional, over there are an easy hacks you can use to achieve your goal. Let’s discover your choices by analyzing different ways to make a daybed look choose a couch.

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Decorate about the Daybed

Decorating roughly your trundle bed will certainly make it look like a couch in a double purpose way. For example, place a reading lamp in ~ one finish of the daybed and a potted tree at the other. Hang wall art top top the wall above the daybed and also place one area rug underneath it. A pair of storage cubes will also offer a contemporary touch plus they are basic to move around or reposition as soon as needed.

For a much more classic couch-like look, add a big potted plant at the ago of the couch to structure your daybed. Macrame or framed mirrors deserve to finalize the design and also tie whatever together.

While decorating around the daybed won’t do the really furniture look choose a couch, that is a great start to attain your goal.

Use a Bed dress or fitted Sheet

A bed skirt is an ideal enhancement to a trundle or daybed. The skirt will certainly hide the bottom component of the trundle and the foam mattress. The will additionally cover increase the bed’s legs, thus creating a couch-like look.

Bed skirts administer a clean and sleek look, plus you can match the skirt with the room’s decor or bedding. For trundle beds, girlfriend can even store her bedding items under the bed and also hide the warehouse area v the skirt.

As an alternate to bed skirt, a solid fitted sheet the drapes over the mattress will also work well together it won’t obtain trapped while moving the daybed’s storage ar in and also out. Just make sure the equipment sheet isn’t crumpled up so the mattress is entirely hidden. A darker color or patterned sheet may be the best option here.

Whether you pick a bed dress or a fitted paper to hide the mattress, make sure it is arranged properly with the slits in place. That is finest to measure the mattress an initial before to buy a suitable-sized paper or skirt.

Add large Pillows and also Blanket


A coffee table is another an excellent idea in enhancement to end tables. This table is frequently placed in front of the daybed-turned-couch. As soon as you want to take it a nap top top the daybed, simply put far the coffee table to clear the area. And also to do it even cozier, include a plush rug under the table.

Place an ottoman Footrest

Ottomans do a living room feel much more inviting. Castle are highly functional and can be relocated closer to the daybed to rest your foot ~ above or relocated out the the way when you want to sleep on the daybed. What’s more, ottomans usually come v storage an are inside therefore you can put away her magazines and other knick knacks.

Bonus tip: make the Daybed “Feel” favor a Couch

When make the efforts to make a trundle daybed look and also feel an ext like a couch, over there are other tricks you can use to achieve this goal… the all around the seating angle and depth.

Let’s assess the seating depth first. The depth of one average single seater couch is around 22 inches and 39 inches because that a twin size daybed. This way you’ll require to minimize the length of the chair by around 17 inches using oversized backrest pillows. Otherwise, you could end increase putting pressure on her legs while her feet will be dangling turn off the floor. Make certain the pillows are large enough to provide you with sufficient backrest. You might want to double up through a second layer of cushions because that extra thickness.

If you going come be using the trundle daybed together a couch only, you can develop a slope by elevating the front legs of the daybed using risers and also shortening the earlier legs. Put padding under the daybed’s mattress will also work. You might stuff the chair cushions in order to increase the height even further.

Of course, the over depth ideas will make it harder for you to sleep ~ above the daybed. It is why you have to only increase the height and create a slope if you’re no going to be sleeping on the daybed. Yet even if friend do plan on sleeping on the trundle bed, there should be part elevation in the front part. This have the right to be completed by adding some litter pillows.

Which Room is a Daybed best Used in?

The residence office is the most typical room you can use her daybed come sit on and read. But it can also be provided as a couch in the life room or in the guest room come accommodate overnight visitors.

Is a Daybed smaller Than a pair Bed?

A typical daybed isn’t smaller than a twin bed, but most daybeds are designed come be bigger than regular size sofa beds.

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Are Daybeds Comfortable to Sit On?

Depending top top the mattress material the daybed is made from, some have the right to be a little less comfortable to sit on or sleep on. Thankfully, over there are numerous ways you have the right to enhance her daybed’s comfort by adding extra cushioning to the seat and some large pillows as backrests.


You can easily turn her trundle or daybed into a couch through lining up some oversized cushions and bolster pillows to produce a comfortable feel. Decorate approximately your daybed through some end tables and lamps to boost the look. A bed skirt will properly hide the legs and underside the the daybed while the throw blanket will complete the couch look. The daybed have the right to still be supplied for taking a nap top top in the afternoons or in ~ night, but with a couple of simple changes or additions, you can likewise use it together a couch throughout the day. Our clever hacks should aid you attain this job with ease!