How to Duct ice cream Dress.Rain Blanken

A duct tape dress is not just a quirky method to show up because that the prom, it's additionally a opportunity at a college scholarship. Duck Brand Duct Tape operation an yearly contest because that crafty couples that construct their very own formal attire the end of the company's tape.

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To assist your chances, I imply using a pattern and cutting piece to construct your dress. I'll display you what sample to use and methods for making it all stick together.

What You'll NeedNew Look pattern #6699Six rolls of duct tapeMeasuring tapeScissors <recommended scissors>

Once you have actually gathered your materials, let's gain started.

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Duct ice cream Prom Dress: Use new Look pattern #6699


Make duct tape cloth by overlapping pieces and backing v plastic pave or cloth.Rain Blanken

To use your pattern, you'll require some 'fabric'. To do a sheet of duct ice fabric, simply overlap long pieces as follows.

First, place a lengthy piece of duct ice sticky-side increase on the floor. To do the process easier, use strips that are simply long enough for among your pattern pieces. Next, cut an equally long piece and lay it on optimal of the first, overlapping one inch. Proceed to overlap pieces till you have actually a sheet big enough to reduced one of her pattern pieces.

To sheathe the difficult side, you deserve to use one of two people plastic wrap or thin fabric. Plastic wrap is a cheap and also easy solution, however it won't perform you any favors come soak up sweat while you room wearing her dress. Lightweight cloth can it is in bought for as small as a pair bucks because that a yard, and also is more comfortable come wear long into the night.

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Carefully lay her backing material over the sticky duct tape and smooth it out. Wrinkles in the backing room not ideal, however they won't cause too lot trouble.