Joyce Perhac, a teacher and sewing-show organizer indigenous Monroeville, Pennsylvania, has actually perfected a quick method of type making that supplies ordinary duct tape together both the body-casting material and the final form. She’s composed a booklet explicate the entire process (“Make Your very own Body Form,” available for $10 from her at www.sewingevents.com), yet we’ll cover the highlights here. (Pure Whimsy no much longer carries the booklet.) Get an ext dress kind ideas prefer this one by notified a subscription the Threads magazine. Print subscriptions come with totally free access to our tablet editions.

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Start v your “victim” put on well-fitted undergarments of her usual kind under a lengthy T-shirt, i m sorry needn’t be also tight. Begin by pack the ice horizontally in ~ the bottom, mid-thigh, ideally with a tape-cutting helper (use old scissors, as the tape gets gummy; a size-10 figure requires 1 to 1-1/2 60-yd. Roll of tape). Plunder snugly, but not so tight as to rearrange or compress the body. In ~ the waist, pave a little an ext loosely on the very first layer, allowing folds to type as you monitor the contour, if necessary.



Three layers of duct tape do the form. Pack horizontally, start at the thighs and work up.

Wrap snugly about the thighs and also hips, a little looser at the waist.

At the bust and also underarm, reduced the T-shirt sleeves if necessary to permit the ice to monitor the figure, and also use shorter pieces arranged radially end the bust. Safeguard the neck area through plastic wrap, then wrap to form edges in ~ the neckline and also armholes comparable to those you’d want on a fitted bodice.



In the bust area, use much shorter tape and change direction. Short pieces of tape capture the contours of the bust better. Species them so they radiate the end from the center of the bust area.

Protect the neck area with plastic wrap; plunder to type edges in ~ the neckline and also armholes comparable to those you’d desire on a fitted bodice.

When the very first layer is complete, wrap double more, first vertically, then again horizontally, additional compressing the waist to fit each layer much more closely, and smoothing over wrinkles this reasons with more tape.

When finished, have the “wrappee” bending slightly to disclose her waistline, and mark that (and any type of other points you desire identified) with marker or later with fancy tape.



Mark the waist. Bending contempt will reveal your wrappee’s organic waist. Note all around with a irreversible marker.

Cut carefully up the back. Store your hand in between the tee shirt and also the wrappee’s body to protect against cutting undergarments or flesh.

Cut turn off the kind and T-shirt layer at center back with your various other hand between scissors and body to avoid cutting undergarments (or the wrappee!). Climate close the form with added tape, ingredient it through poly batting, and place that on a was standing (read top top for stand ideas). Joyce’s finished kind has a polished look, comparable to an commercial dress form.

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by David Coffinfrom Threads #75, p. 38

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