Here’s my totally homemade gingerbread residence recipe including how to bake, construct, and decorate with imperial icing and buttercream. There space no rules as soon as it involves decorating gingerbread houses. The ONLY dominance is to have actually fun!


One of the most common recipe inquiries I get is exactly how to revolve my gingerbread cookies into a house. I’ve never ever really had a heavy answer until now. I have it every for you this day including:

solid gingerbread cookie dough recipea complimentary gingerbread home template v the specific shapes you’ll needall my decorating tips and also recommendationslinks come the commodities I usage if you desire to replicate this

Trust me once I speak that ns am not a crafty person, yet I might EASILY decorate this beauty and I’m showing you specifically how i did it. This is perfect because that beginners!


Let’s get started. Here’s the video clip tutorial to guide you along. You deserve to watch me do this gingerbread house from start to finish, including rolling the end the dough and decorating the house. Sprinkled throughout room my extremely recommended tips and also methods to insurance gingerbread home success.

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Gingerbread House video Tutorial

Starting her Homemade Gingerbread House

We’re making use of a cookie dough that’s comparable to my gingerbread cookies. The gingerbread cookies room soft in the centers and also crisp ~ above the edges, but the gingerbread house shapes room much an ext sturdy and also solid. Let’s compare the residence recipe come the cookie recipe:
small quantity of baking soda for less puffless butter so the house shapes room harderless molasses so the dough isn’t as stickyadd water to do a smoother dough

Other than that, the recipes room pretty similar. Chilling the dough is imperative– otherwise the house pieces will shed shape and also constructing will certainly be impossible. The dough is a little sticky from the molasses, so i recommend chilling in two discs before rolling out.

Why 2 discs? It’s less complicated to roll out smaller parts of cookie dough.


How to build a Gingerbread House

Use my gingerbread residence template. This design template will provide you a small-medium house that’s completely approachable. I find huge houses daunting to construct and also decorate.

This residence is about 7 customs tall through the chimney and 6 inches wide.

Click this attach for the PDF: Sally’s Baking seeks Gingerbread residence Template

Print out the template and also cut the end the shapes. Each form will be offered TWICE. Because that example, 2 roofs, 2 sides, etc. Usage a pizza cutter or tiny knife. The chimney is totally optional, but I think it’s a cute addition.



*Best method for roll the Dough*

The most successful method to role out this gingerbread cookie dough is in between two sheets that parchment paper. It will stick to your counter no matter just how much you flour it.

Re-roll the scraps so girlfriend have sufficient dough because that the whole house.



Gingerbread home Icing

Every home needs sturdy walls, right? Royal icing is the “glue” that holds the house together. It’s also the glue adhering any candies come the walls and also roof. As you can see in this photos, I extended the roof with imperial icing prior to piping the buttercream on. As the royal icing dried, it gently dripped turn off the sides and looked like snow.

TIP: use as much royal icing together you need to for creating the house. The dries hard and also will look like snow. Plus, you deserve to cover up any messy parts with buttercream or candy.

Crusting Buttercream for Decoration

Though ns love working through both, I’m much far better at decorating desserts with buttercream compared to royal icing. And also maybe you’re the same? for this reason let’s usage some STURDY and also THICK buttercream referred to as Crusting Buttercream. Made v both shortening and butter, crusting buttercream “sets” and doesn’t continue to be sticky– it’s right for decorating gourmet cakes, cookies, and gingerbread houses.

Two tools I extremely recommend:



Candies because that Decorating a Homemade Gingerbread House

gumdropsM&Mscandy canes (mini or regular size)peppermint swirl candiesmarshmallowscoconut for “snow”cinnamon sticks, Hershey’s Kisses, chocolate chips, grain pieces!

I certain love the Wilton brand icing decorations girlfriend can uncover online or at craft stores. Ns bought them in ~ Michaels handmade store, which had a ton the gingerbread house decorating candy in the seasonal section consisting of the pictured holly and snowflake icing decorations. (No sponsored, genuinely LOVE wilton and also michaels craft store.)


Gingerbread home Ideas

I gathered a couple of links for you to usage as decorating inspiration. There space so countless beautiful (and SIMPLE) decorated gingerbread residences out there.

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Ditch the “pinterest perfection” goal and get messy. The piped crusting buttercream on my pictured gingerbread residence hid around 100 mistakes. Remember, there are no rules as soon as it comes to decorating. The ONLY ascendancy is to have actually fun.



Watch me decorate a gingerbread residence in the video above. I added two decorated sugar cookie to the “yard.”

I can’t wait to watch your gingerbread house creations! This to be truly one of the most fun projects; it was a finish joy testing, decorating, photographing, and also filming this recipe. Ns truly hope it brings amazing memories come your family this vacation season. And also even despite they do a beautiful Christmas decoration, don’t forget come eat all your tough work!!


Love to create and also decorate? You’ll enjoy making this yule log, too!

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