I don"t know about you, but most that the dads in mine life are big golfers, or at the very least golf fans. Ns wonder if that"s a need for fatherhood: must like golf.

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As a funny Father"s day treat this year, I assumed I would certainly tap right into their love the golf and love of sweets to do these super cute golf cake balls. I have actually actually had the molds for these golf balls because that over a year (maybe 2) and also finally discovered the possibility to use them!

If friend haven"t made cake balls before, girlfriend should know that lock are incredibly easy to make. And I think the molds make it also easier! No dipping the balls right into melted cacao only to have the ball fall in, or not cover the ball enough. Nope! Just set the cake round in the mold, let the harden, and you room set! I"ll share every my tips because that making this cute golf cake balls below.

How to do Them


Cake balls don"t need a totality lot of supplies or ingredients. All you need is some cake (it can be homemade, from a crate mix, or store bought), part icing (again, homemade or storebought), and some liquid melts. I very recommend candy melts over plain white chocolate due to the fact that it has actually a greater melting point. That will come in really handy if you need to handle the cake balls after lock set.


First, crumble increase the cake right into pretty well crumbs. Then mix in the frosting until it"s around the consistency that a dry cookie dough. You want the cake balls come stick together, but you don"t want them come be as well soggy through frosting.

Use a spoon or scoop come create practically golf sphere sized balls the the cake ball mixture. You desire the balls to be slightly smaller sized than the golf ball mold.

Roll the balls in between the palms of your hands for this reason they room nice and smooth.


Spoon the melted liquid melt mixture into fifty percent of the cake sphere mold. Swirl the candy around the cavity making certain that that is spanning every component of the hole created by the golf round mold. I would even recommend having some of the liquid come up over the edge, however you don"t want too lot that that spills out too lot when the cake sphere is put in it.

Then, location the cake ball right into the molds.


Repeat the liquid melt process with the other half of the mold, making certain to cover every tiny nook and cranny the the cavity.


Invert the mold without the cake balls onto the mold v the cake balls and align lock so that the edges heat up. Provide the mold a good squeeze and also tap to ensure that the candy comes together at the seam.

Place the mold in the fridge or freezer to set for around 15-20 minutes.

Once out of the fridge or freezer, you deserve to scrape off any exposed seams through a tiny knife.

After that, castle are all set to eat!!

These gold cake balls room so cute on your own. I placed them in one of Billy"s golf sphere boxes (I only recommend law this if girlfriend cover the inside through parchment and use a brand new piece that foam) for presentation. Yet they would likewise be so cute together a cupcake topper or on top of a cake.

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If friend don"t want to roasted anything else, but want to step up the presentation, ns recommend extending a platter v frosting and also green sanding sugar to look favor grass. Then location all the cake balls ~ above top!

Although, ns don"t think Dad will treatment too much around presentation. He will just be excited come bite into the golf cake balls!

Supplies and Recipe

To make these cake balls, girlfriend will need a couple of supplies the you might not readily have actually on hand.

Parchment document or wax paperMicrowave safe bowl and spoon (you probably have this already)


Golf Cake Balls

Total Time: 45 minutes

Makes 18 golf cake balls


1 ready cake class (approx 9"), 12 cupcakes, or 1 save bought bread cake (approx 12oz)1 cup that frosting (homemade or store bought)2 packages of shining white candy melts


Golf round candy mold


Crumble the cake or cupcakes into a big bowl until there space no huge chunks the cake left.Stir in frosting 1/4 cup in ~ a time until the mixture is moist enough to stick together under pressure. You may not need all the frosting.Spoon or scoop the balls and also place lock onto a sheet of parchment or wax paper. Role the balls between your palms to smooth the surface. Make certain the balls are just slightly smaller sized than the mold.Follow the directions on the liquid melt package come melt 1/2 a package in ~ a time. Spoon the melted candy melts into half of the candy mold. Swirl the candy with the mold come cover the entire cavity as much as or over the edge. Tap out any type of excess.Place the cake sphere in mold, then repeat the candy melt process with the other fifty percent of the mold. Location the mold there is no the cake sphere on peak of the various other half, aligning the edges of the mold so the they type a perfect seam. Push the molds together tightly and tap versus the counter to ensure the candy from each side the the mold come together.Transfer the mold to the refrigerator or freezer to collection for 15-20 minutes.Remove native the mold and also serve!
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