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I have actually SO much to blog about you guys. In the past month or two, I have decorated, DIY’d, shot Polaroids, thrown a party, unable to do on a couple roads trips, and attended the Renegade Indie handmade Fair. It’s to be a time. I can’t wait to share the all.

So put on your party hats and also let’s kick points off through a Polaroid love Collage How-To.

Inspired by this photo I uncovered on Pinterest (and this one and also this one) I determined to seize a ridge of Polaroids and turn them into a heart shaped collage because that our dining room.



It’s the cutest.

By the way, i realize you might look at this collage and also think the a accuse is not necessary and that sticking a bunch of Polaroids come the wall surface in the shape of a love doesn’t specifically seem favor rocket science. You would certainly be not correct in reasoning that. Ok, so probably it’s no as complicated as ROCKET SCIENCE, yet this job took a most tweaking, and also a fair amount the trial and error to obtain it to look choose a symmetry heart and not a giant blob, so to trust me top top this. Lucky for you, I’ve written a handy tutorial so you can bang this task out in no time. It’ll it is in a breeze.

Supplies Needed:

53 Polaroids or published photos roughly 3.5 inch by 4.5 inches. Since I use a selection of instant film, mine Polaroids were not all the precise same size however it still settled fine. I also used 2 instax minis in place of one regular sized Polaroid for whole row.A roll of painters/masking ice cream or command poster stripsMeasuring tapeA long ruler (optional)

Keep in mind, friend don’t need to use actual Polaroids because that this. You deserve to print the end your very own digital photos in ~ home, or usage a service like Printstagram to publish out instragram image from her phone. Be creative with it. Possibly pick a theme. You can do an entire collage of simply your pets. Or kids. They could be all travel or wedding photos. You might use every black and white photos, or if you desire one huge pop of color, run all her photos with a colored filter prior to printing them. Probably you’re a weirdo and also you desire to usage all naked picture of yourself because you’re really happy with how you look at naked. In i beg your pardon case, congratulations come you. But I’m not right here to judge.

I very first constructed mine collage ~ above the floor so I can easily do tweaks and perfect it prior to sticking everything to the wall. You should do this too.

Start from the bottom, laying your Polaroids the end on the floor, and build her rows up.




Because i love you, I developed this handy tiny diagram to assist you lay out all 53 photos.

Once you have actually the collage constructed on the floor, feel complimentary to swap the Polaroids about as you check out fit. You can group colors together, or simply randomly mix them up till they watch good. That’s what i did.

After you have everything set up precisely the method you desire it ~ above the floor, snap a photograph of the collage v your phone or a digital camera therefore you have the right to reference the pattern and also exact placement as you move each Polaroid to the wall. This is really important! I most likely referenced my photograph 532 times.

Next, note onto your wall where you want the bottom Polaroid the the heart to sit. Ns recommend measuring the whole collage first, so you have the right to decide exactly where to place it. My collage turned the end to be 36 inches tall by 32 inch wide.

Then, merely take the an extremely bottom Polaroid, add tape or a command strip to the back, and also stick it come the spot girlfriend just marked on your wall. Work your way up, one through one, row by row, from the bottom. Usage a ruler (if necessary) to save a directly line.



Now go forth, civilization of mine blog, and also create Polaroid collages top top every wall surface of every home.

Seriously, wouldn’t this it is in adorable in a small girl’s room? Or a nursery? Or her kitchen? Every time ns walk into our dining room it makes me smile.


I love it.

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