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hey forum, on my various other thread ns was talking about body armour and ppl maintained coming up v the great idea of structure a riot shield, i recognize the an easy princeble yet could anyone give me some details on materials, expense etc?any other details is lot appreciated.and correctly i median a actual one not a nerf or paint ball oneregards-KhanTD

Why on planet would you want a revolt sheild? The goal when confronted with/by rioters, is to relocate away together a high price of a civie, you have actually no reason to it is in in/near a riot, and also if captured in one, (which girlfriend wouldn"t if her antenna to be truly switched on) you would di di mau most quickly...
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yes i recognize that, but thanks. Yet if the SRHTF i simply want to have actually one around, it will certainly make defending my residential property if i have to alot easier, im not expecting huge riots, yet nether the less if is very effective at defflecting projectiles and also generaly functioning as a shield does. I dont treatment if its the god dam zombie apocolyps => ns think it could prove usefull.

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Either rectangle or circle v two straps on the earlier for looping your arm through. If you"re make one for you yourself you have the right to customise your fit. Here"s a description of a pair found ~ above ebay
The shield has a 3mm or 4mm thick clean LEXANPOLYCARBONATE prior blade and a 3mm or 4mm thick backingpanel in the same product for maximum visibility and vital bodyarea protection. It has actually lightweight aluminium hook and loophandles v non-slip rubber grips for comfortable bring andsecure hand fixed in action. The backing panel has actually a shockresistant foam forearm security pad.Manufactured by civil defence Supply65" x 22.5" (height x width)
This is a new/unused USGI riot regulate body shield, replacment shield ready for manage mounting. Shield is do of polycarbonate .177 inches thick, taper trim, shade 0119 and also is UL noted as housebreaker resistant glazing. Replace that scratched up, beat increase shield! Blue shade is as result of factory protective covering on shield. Dimension is 30 inches broad by 48 inches tall.
yes i recognize that, however thanks. But if the SRHTF i simply want to have actually one around, it will certainly make defending my property if i need to alot easier, im not expecting huge riots, yet nether the less if is an extremely effective at defflecting projectiles and also generaly working as a shield does. Ns dont treatment if its the god dam zombie apocolyps => ns think it can prove usefull.
Here in the says Riot Sheilds space convex therefore you can pin transgressrs against a wall and result arrest. Timeless shields are concave. When SHTF in England you will certainly be facing people equipped with clubs knives and also yes also firearms given your thoughts about firearms i don"t think you could handle a sheild.
lone star, im quite for fire arms, people made presumptions that ns was anti fire armns in my other thread, although ns continuesly proclaimed that i was just searching for others individuals thoughts and also reflects on the avaiblility ~ above them, not trying to flame ya there, simply saying.
ys experienced 28 job huh?Dude, I have carried and used a riot shield, in maintain in MP school,they are cumbersome, unyielding, awkward and just other extra to lug about.We likewise have them for swat groups for firearm protection during very first entry. Ns really didnt favor that assignment.If your no worried about firearm penetration than just build you one out of 1/2 clean plexi glass.Mold it to shape and also build it carry.............not flamin ya, just offering ya years of endure with them
convert, many thanks a bunch, ns was hoping who on below would have a little more training with one then me. And also yer you got a point, heavy and also cumbersome. And yes 28 days later lol great film. Seeing together youve trained through them might you give me any advise on those a much better shape? rectangle or circle and also a great size?Khan
rectangular, about 24 across and 48 come 50 high.a curve is much better than a flat. The height is for ducking behind if you have bullet proof.The clear plastic riot control is much much lighter and you do have actually a good clear forward view. They not shatter or cracked easily. THrown bottles and rocks will certainly bounce right offWe trained a lot with the clean riot shields in the early 70"s what v the anti battle riots.The bullet resistant will certainly go end 50lbs easily and still only administer handgun protection.Heavy rifle will certainly punch ya flat.30.06, .308 and .303Brit will punch ideal through.My ideal advice, dont get into such a instance in the first place. Nice for conversation but really cumbersome
Well, lexan is bulletproof at about 1" thick.You could drill part holes in it and also mount a parentheses for your forearm and also a handle to host it, and also have a bulletproof revolt shield if friend wanted.
The persons the cops lug are meant to be lightweight, no bulletproof.
for shield building and some training use. You might look up a neighborhood SCA thing (society for an innovative anachronism). They duty play the middle ages. There space some weirdo"s in there, yet some of them are really serious about the fighting. Sword/shield use and other aspects. Ns think the information they could provide would be helpful if you had actually to count on those an abilities (no firearms/limited ammo supply, etc.)
Shield comes in two formats, the buckler i m sorry is relatively small and fast to maneuver, and also the large mantlet-style shield which is cumbersome but an ext protective because that a less agile person. Me, I choose the Rambo Rickshaw that Tobiasson composed about, that is built approximately a high-wheeled furniture type dolly. It provides you the capability to bring enough lexgard to carry out the mantlet thing while still being agile and also able walk di-di PFQ, GI....
Can you be a clear something increase a little first? perform you want a riot SHIELD? the is choose what you watch in the football riosts and whatnot. Clear lexan, probly an customs or thick, tiny easy to move around, light enough to lift and also protect your head. Or you could get a "tactical" shield. That is what SWAT uses. Big enough to cover your totality torso, head and some legs. Do of stole or comparable metal.

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hatguy many thanks for bringing the up , the tactical shields sounds like a much far better idea,i to be planning to use one in conjuction v the human body armour im currently making, inspect out my other thread ~ above aluminum armour because that deatails.
I can help!If you have to make a riot sheild here is a really educational video! hope this helps! :thumb:
best advice, if girlfriend dont have actually "popeye" arms, is not to it is in around any riots.. More than most likely the police and also possibly state military depts will certainly be responding come the scene and the use of pressure will be allowed... How rapid can you run lugging fifty pounds that shield in enhancement to your various other stuff?
You might want come look right into making a riot shield native composite armors. Composite armors are generally lightweight and strong if made correctly.I posted up a thread around homemade bulletproof armor ( uncovered a video clip ) and maybe you might adapt that ide into do a homemade lytic shield?Just one idea!That thread:
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