The homemade guns can be developed in one hour for under $20. In spite of this the weapons space rare in Saskatchewan, as frequently there are currently illicit way to find a gun.

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Two zip weapons seized from a residence in Regina. The pipeline in the centre holds a bullet and also fits into the pipeline on the right. Wrecking the two piece into one an additional fires a bullet. (Submitted )

When police officers arrived on the scene in downtown Saskatoon this September, they believed they were dealing with a guy trying come break right into cars.

They were, however what they didn't expect is that this man was armed and also would reason chaos in downtown highways for hours to come.

In videos, Michael Arcand have the right to be watched holding what watch to be a long piece of metal pipe. In truth it to be a homemade gun, additionally known as a zip gun. A weapon prefer this can cost less 보다 $20 and can be developed in one hour utilizing parts uncovered at a hardware store.

A doubt running v downtown Saskatoon was sent out to hospital ~ he to be hit by shots fired by police, Wednesday night. 1:32
Arcand is encountering seven charges. In enhancement to attempted murder and use the a firearm while committing one indictable offence, that is additionally facing charges straight related come operation, manufacturing and use the a zip gun.

Sgt. Ken Kane with the Saskatoon Police services wasn't there that day yet knows the police officers that responded and understands what they had to deal with.

"These members don't understand they were responding to someone v a firearm, and also didn't know definitively that it was one till he in reality shot in ~ them," stated Kane. "Unfortunately over there is no easy method to minimize that risk. Friend don't have actually a crystal ball."

You traction it out and really no matter how accurate that is anyone is exact at one foot away from your intended target.- Sgt. Ken Kane as soon as a total is established the police adjust their tactics, said Kane. Street is kept, a perimeter is established, tactical units can be caused — the intensified presence of risk is met with greater caution.

Kane stated the officer, likewise a sergeant, that was shoot at has been through the SPS for 21 years and also serves together a leader on a tactical team. Regardless of being unharmed and also his experience on the streets, being shot at deserve to still leave any kind of officer shaken.

"It's among those points he'll carry, probably, because that the remainder of his life," said Kane.

​According come Kane, anyone making use of a zip gun might harm themselves as soon as firing. In his experience, the civilization that have tendency to usage the weapon room gang members and also people associated in the drug trade.

'Out that the crosshairs of the government'

But Jooyung Lee, an combine professor in ~ the university of Toronto, states there is no one size fits all summary of a zip pistol user.

Lee's concentrates on total violence and also the impact it has actually on young men; specifically young black males in south main Los Angeles.

The attraction that the zip total is the it is more difficult to map by authorities.

"People who are making homemade zip weapons tend to be world who desire to stay out of the crosshairs that the government and also who want to circumvent the gun manage laws that are already on the books," stated Lee.

The information to actually construct a zip gun is anywhere online, said Lee. Videos, posts even a wikiHow are easily uncovered by a an easy Google search.


'Up close and also personal' weapon

Pieces of pipeline are regularly used as a makeshift chamber wherein a cartridge is put or housed. From there either one more pipe v a screw — acting as a hammer — one elastic band, or a spring loaded mechanism have the right to be attached come the gun.

To fire it the user has to activate the primer in the cartridge by either smashing the back of the the cartridge, or by striking it through the improvised firing mechanism.

The weapon deserve to more-or-less carry out the same role as a legitimately do gun, despite it is harder come fire at a target accurately given the materials of the weapon.

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But in his endure Sgt. Kane says that doesn't matter.

"It's the old gut buster," said Kane. "It's up close and personal. You pull it out and also really no matter exactly how accurate it is anyone is exact at one foot far from your intended target."