When a wound heals, it pipeline a scar. A keloid scar is one that becomes thick, lumpy, raised and also larger than the original wound.

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What are keloid scars?

A keloid scar is one enlarged, elevated scar that have the right to be pink, red, skin-coloured or darker than the surrounding skin.

They can build after really minor skin damage, such as an acne point out or a piercing, and spread beyond the original area the skin damage.

What do keloid scars look at like?

anyone can obtain a keloid scar, however they're more common in human being with dark skin, such as world from Africa and also African-Caribbean and also south Indian communities.
Keloid scars are an ext common ~ above the upper chest, shoulders, head (especially the earlobes ~ a piercing) and neck, yet they can occur anywhere.

Keloid scars space usually:

shinyhairlessraised over surrounding skinhard and also rubberyred or purple at first, before becoming brown or pale

They deserve to last for years, and sometimes carry out not form until month or years after the early stage injury.

Do keloid scars hurt?

Keloid scars space usually painless, however some can cause:

paintendernessitchinessa burning feelinglimited motion if located on a joint

What reasons keloid scars?

Experts execute not completely understand what causes keloid scars, however they happen when there's overproduction that collagen (the skin's protein).

They're not contagious or cancerous.

If girlfriend have had a keloid scar before, you're more likely to obtain another.

Who gets keloid scars?

Keloid scars can affect anyone, yet they're more common in people with dark skin and also it's assumed they might run in families.

Younger people between the periods of 10 and 30 are more likely to develop them.

Can you protect against keloid scars?

You cannot fully prevent keloid scars, however you have the right to avoid any type of deliberate cuts or division in the skin, such together tattoos or piercings, including on the earlobes. 

Treating acne will reduce the likelihood that acne scars appearing.

Avoid young skin surgical procedure to areas much more prone come keloid scarring (the upper chest, earlier and upper arms) if possible.

Treatments because that keloid scars

There are several treatments available, yet none have actually been displayed to be much more effective 보다 others.

Treatment deserve to be complicated and is not constantly successful.

Treatments the may help flatten a keloid scar include:

steroid injectionsapplying steroid-impregnated tape because that 12 hours a dayapplying silicone gel sheeting for several months

Other options include:

freezing early keloid scars through liquid nitrogen to stop them growinglaser therapy to minimize redness (but this will certainly not do the scar any kind of smaller)surgery, sometimes followed by radiotherapy, to remove the scar (although it can grow ago and might be bigger than before)

If you're bothered through a keloid scar and also want help, view a GP.

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