A new twist on a classic mint julep recipe! Made with mint-infused simple syrup, bourbon, and tons of fresh mint, this julep is so bright and also springy.

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Happy Saturday! even if it is you’re a pan of the Kentucky Derby or not, you’ll it is in a pan of this minty fresh mint julep recipe. It’s so bright and springy! To it is in honest, I’m walking to have actually a tough time choosing whether to celebrate my weekend through Margaritas or Mint Juleps – perhaps I’ll make both.:)


Mint Julep Ingredients

A standard mint julep is do by muddling mint with simple syrup at the bottom of every cocktail glass before including crushed ice and bourbon. Instead of muddling the mint, I prefer to do my mint julep through infusing the basic syrup with mint. It makes my mint julep that more minty, plus it’s easier to make for a group, because you have the right to prep the syrup ahead of time.

Making minty an easy syrup

Simple syrup is actually basic to make! simply simmer water and sugar in a little saucepan, proceeding to stir until the sugar is dissolved. To do it minty, remove the pan native the heat, include the mint and let the steep for 15 minutes to med the mint flavor. Strain and chill the minty basic syrup till you’re prepared to serve. The can likewise be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

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How to do a mint julep

To make the cocktails, to fill each glass through crushed ice, bourbon, and straightforward syrup. Due to the fact that I really love lemon, i brighten mine up v a to express of lemon. If you’re a mint julep purist, you can skip that step.