One the the benefits of SMS message is the range of ways marketers can use it come reach the end to clients. Coupons, discounts, sweepstakes, meeting reminders, polls and other strategies deserve to all be supplied to increase business and enhance client service.

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Texting is one affordable way to advertise and increase leads. It’s additionally incredibly effective. Approximately 90% of text messages are check out within three minutes. That’s because mobile tools are everywhere and also people often tend to keep them through them at every times and regularly check them. In fact, 90% the Millennials sleep with their phones in ~ arm’s reach.

Businesses of every kinds can reap the advantages of strategy SMS marketing programmes. The includes, for instance, beauty beauty salons. Several of the best complaints of shop owners room missed appointments, sluggish days where company is sparse yet appointment slots room so busy that they have to turn organization away. Texting deserve to help resolve these issues and can also help improve a salon’s success by enhancing its client database and also enhancing customer loyalty.

Here are five top methods that salons can use SMS to boost their business:

1. Appointment Reminders

There’s nothing worse than waiting approximately for a no-show. Life can gain busy and also everyone is topic to forgetting, yet by sending out a basic appointment reminder, you have the right to save both you and also your customer time and also money.


Here room some advice on just how to send effective reminders:

Address the client by name so they understand you’re not making a mistake or confusing lock with one more client.Send the post the day prior to the appointment in the afternoon or beforehand evening. This offers them sufficient time to arrange your schedule if they have forgotten around the appointment. However it’s not too much away for them come forget again.Give details ~ above what your appointment is because that in situation they have to make any type of previous preparations. Because that example: “Hi Sarah. Just wanted to remind you of your bikini wax appointment v us here at XYZ salon tomorrow afternoon at 1 PM. View you then!”.

2. Target Messages

You need to have enough data on your clients and also their choices to have the ability to send castle promotions that are appropriate to them. Analyze the appointment history of her clients and send them supplies they will certainly appreciate.

For instance, if you have actually a client that gets their eyebrows waxed every two weeks, send a message to them giving a discount top top their following eyebrow wax: “Hi Christine. Us at XYZ Salon thought you would certainly appreciate a 15% discount ~ above your following eyebrow wax”.

This form of target promotion rises customer loyalty. Client are much more likely to continue doing business with locations that sell them useful discounts and also reward lock for their business. It also shows client the value of being component of your SMS commitment programme, likewise decreasing the danger of castle opting-out.

3. To fill Empty Slots

What are the least busy times at her salon? wouldn’t you love to to fill those slots with clients? The strength to perform this is in your hands and text messaging might be the answer. By evaluating appointment history, you deserve to send message to clients supplying them rewards for booking throughout your slow times.

Try utilizing targeted message (see #2) to place loyal customers in your dead spots. The exact same message over could be adapted to read: “Hi Christine. Success a 15% discount on your following eyebrow wax in ~ XYZ salon if you book an appointment on a Monday or Thursday”.

You could also offer castle a discount because that bringing a friend: “Hi Christine. Lug a friend with you come XYZ salon on a Monday or Thursday and also get a 30% discount off your visit”.


Another means to resolve slow time is to send out polls via text asking customers around their schedules and also what their desired times room to schedule appointments at her salon. Text massage is suitable medium for conducting polls. Use the info you gain from the polls to coordinate scheduling and also to minimization dead spots in your job-related week.

4. Tips and also Advice go Both Ways

Offering clients beneficial beauty advice can help increase your salon’s reputation as having skilled staff with cutting-edge information. Friend can also increase sales that the assets you sell by sending messages on just how they can solve chronic problems certain to the customer, such as dry or oily skin, break-up ends or one oily scalp, crow’s feet or various other issues.

Likewise, you deserve to use polls to uncover out what customers think of your services. Discover out which of her beauty specialists are providing excellent results and which people aren’t. Discover out what customers think the the salon’s ambience, your pricing, scheduling access and commodities you use.

Businesses that provide attention to client feedback and adapt to customer needs are an ext successful and have higher customer loyalty. 66% the customers switch to competitors since of poor service.

You don’t only risk losing customers after they have had a poor experience, studies display that 48% of consumer share their negative experience with at the very least ten other people, potentially shedding your various other potential business. On the contrary, 50% the consumers usage a service more often ~ a positive experience. And also 86% the consumers room willing come pay approximately 25% an ext for better customer experience.

5. Sell Promotions to flourish Your customer List

To take benefit of every one of these SMS messaging ideas, you need to have a huge customer database. To rise the variety of opted-in clients, you could offer discounts and promotions. Because that example: “Text HAIRCUT to 98765 and get a free cut and dry”.

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You can additionally ask freshly opted-in customers to share the message with girlfriend to get a discount: “Share this message with a girlfriend to obtain 50% off a cut and also colour at XYZ Salon”. You deserve to advertise her SMS loyalty programme across your various other media consisting of via in-store signage, email, website, social media and also other avenues.

Salon owners deserve to use these message messaging concepts to prosper their business and improve client experience. Indeed, shot these tips out now and also watch the results!