This is the Best Mojito Recipe, through a quick homemade mojito simple syrup come intensify every the flavors to make a showstopper the a Mojito! This recipe shows exactly how to make a solitary mojito for one or a pitcher the mojitos because that a crowd!


The ideal Mojito Recipe

Mojito cocktails are one of the best drinks, ever. The refresh lime flavor, mixed with rum, pairs perfectly v fresh mint. It’s straightforward cocktail you have the right to make ideal at home and also that’s a actual treat to her tastebuds. Mojitos are good as a slow-moving sipper in ~ the finish of the job or a casual gathering through friends. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

How walk I find out to do the best mojitos?

My easy method comes indigenous a bartender i met as soon as we were on holidays in the Caribbean. He confirmed me that they prepare a mojito simple syrup with mint and also lime which ups the odor in mojitos. Friend still muddle together some new mint and also lime the old fashioned way, but including in the mojito basic syrup elevates the flavor come a brand-new level!


What is a Mojito?

Mojitos are a cocktail from Havana, Cuba. In ~ the time, Cuban rum was not what it is today. The was no smooth and also was hard to reap on that own. Thus, the Mojito to be created! v a tiny sugar, mint and also lime juice, Cubans to be able to transform the unpalatable rum right into something certain delicious!

As americans were permitted to visit Cuba, the love because that Mojitos started to spread and also now it’s one of the most well known cocktails in the world! A couple of fresh ingredients, ice and a an excellent white rum are all you must enjoy this Cuban classic!


What’s in a Mojito?

This cocktail yes, really doesn’t have too countless ingredients and that method that it takes even less time to make!

granulated sugarwaterfresh mint leavesfresh limeice cubeswhite rumclub soda

In ar of society soda, you can also use sparkling water (if you choose your Mojito less sweet) or part people select to usage sprite. I favor club soda, as it doesn’t readjust the in its entirety flavor of the cocktail and also keeps it true to the original.

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HOW TO make A MOJITO indigenous SCRATCH

Add mint and also lime come glass:Place mint leaves and 1 lime wedge into a sturdy glass (or a cocktail shaker if using a vulnerable glass come serve).Muddle:Use a muddler to crush the mint and lime to release the mint oils and also lime juice.Add more lime and the straightforward syrup:Add 2 much more lime wedges and also the an easy syrup, and also muddle again to release the lime juice. Perform not stress, overload the mixture.Pour:Fill the glass nearly to the top with ice. To water the rum end the ice, and also then to fill the glass through club soda.Stir, taste, and also add an ext simple syrup if desired.Garnish with the continuing to be lime wedge and a street cane stick, if desired.


Muddling is a an approach used in drinks to tenderness mash herbs or fruit to release their juices. You can do this with the bottom that a wood spoon or v a appropriate muddler. Either method will work!

Place the mint pipeline in the bottom the a sturdy cup or cocktail shaker. Gently mash the mint a couple of times with a muddler (or the bottom of the wooden spoon) to release the oils kind the mint. You perform not desire to pulverize the mint, simply press firmly to relax the oils!



Here space a couple tips that I’ve learned throughout the year of do my very own mojitos in ~ home.

The an essential to this recipe is the added Mojito basic Syrup.Do no skip it! the elevates the flavor to a whole brand-new level!Serve it chilled.Mojitos the are offered extra chilled and cold go down so lot smoother. Just make certain you cool the an easy syrup fully!Use a good quality rum!It makes all the distinction to your final cocktail if you usage a an excellent quality white rum. There space so few ingredients in a mojito, make certain to use high quality ones.

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Drinks always taste far better with friends.Okay, so maybe this isn’t yes, really a tip yet just among those points that i think is true!


You have the right to make the straightforward syrup up to a week ahead of time. Then, you have the right to make every mojitos fresh to bespeak OR you can make an entire pitcher that Mojitos!

To do a pitcher, you follow the exact same steps, yet make a much bigger quantity in a big pitcher. Pour right into glasses and toast with your guests!


If you desire to do this mojito to take it on the walk to a party, I would recommend adhering to all steps, except including the ice and club soda.

That means it’s every ready, but just need to add those two ingredients. If you include the ice also early, it will certainly obviously melt and also the society soda will go flat. So the is best to include it early. Prepare the remainder at home, then include the society soda and also ice right before serving!


The standard Mojito really is among the easiest and most very delicious cocktails you can make. The added Mojito straightforward Syrup (shh…it’s our secret!) is walk to take it this drink end the top and there’s a good chance the you’re walking to knife “cocktail king or queen” status when your family and also friends shot it!