You don’t want everyone to view that you have downloaded a date app? Or you have some image on your phone, i beg your pardon you want to save secret? No judgment, you probably have actually your reasons! us all have actually stuff on our phones that us would choose to save to ourselves.

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Have no worries, we are here! below is exactly how you hide the contents you want to store to yourself.

Hide photos iPhone

Maybe you want to display your mommy some pictures of your friends. Or show a coworker pictures of your dog. You could not want to present them every the photos friend have. So, you have the right to simply hide them.

Go come photos, and also click ~ above the video or the photo that you want to hide. Insanity the share button with the upward arrow, and then tap Hide. You will should confirm the you want to hide the photo or the video, and also then you will be done.

Hide the hidden Photos Album

The steps above are not foolproof, as your “Hidden” image section deserve to still be accessed under the “Photos” tab. Luckily, over there is a method to hide the “Hidden” tab itself:

Open your Settings, and select “Photos”. Role down, and also turn the “Hidden Album” function off.

Now, as soon as you go to the Albums tab in the photos section, you will see that the “Hidden Album will have disappeared.


The note Application

Most people don’t recognize this, but there is additionally a means to password defend your videos, pictures, and also other media too. Below is how:

Open the image/media you wish to hide.From the middle taskbar, select “Add come Notes” complied with by “Save”. Beginning the notes application, and tap the keep in mind with the media. Select the share symbol on the top right, ~ which friend will view the “lock note” icon at the bottom.In instance this is the very first note you have hidden, decide on a password and hint, and also then tap “done”. When you madness the lock icon, the keep in mind will disappear and also you will have actually to select “view note” and also then go into the password to watch it.

After every this is done, make sure to delete the photo from her photos application!

A couple of Sneaky Hacks

There room multiple methods to hide certain apps you don’t want people to see. We give you three alternatives.

A fast Fix

A an easy trick come hide apps is to ar them in folders already containing a many apps. Your application will then disappear right into the clutter.

Demanding however Oh-so-sneaky

Another way of law this is to develop invisible folders, i beg your pardon is rather cumbersome yet we’ll to walk you through it step by step. To develop an invisible folder you need to start by creating an app that i will not ~ be visible once it’s top top the residence screen.

Press the box with the arrow and select include to house Screen, which saves a white app.Go to settings and adjust the contrast on your phone. Boost the brightness to the suggest when girlfriend don’t watch the application anymore. The only thing friend will watch is the location of the app but we’ll concerned that.Tap and hold ~ above to any icon till they all start to jiggle. Relocate the invisible app on top of the application you desire to hide, developing a folder.Let the invisible app be top top the very first page and also move the app you desire to hide to the following page in the folder by stop the app and also dragging it to the right.Step out of the folder and you’ll view that that invisible, comprise the invisible app. The critical hurdle is to remove the name of the folder.

Semi-permanent Fix

A third alternative, i m sorry is a bit less complicated than the last one but much more permanent (at least till you reboot her phone) is to:

Create a new folderMove the apps you want to hide right into that folderTap and hold on any icon until they all start to jiggleGrab any type of app in the folder and drag it to the right beyond the last tab in the folderPush the home button while quiet holding the app icon and the folder will certainly disappear.

Hide Your find History

Finally, girlfriend can additionally choose to browser in private. Open up Safari, click the page icon in the low right corner, madness Private. If you desire to clear your search history, madness Settings, Safari and also choose Clear background and Website Data. In case you always want to browse the internet in private, you can always download the DuckDuckGo search engine and also use it rather of Safari. It never ever stores your find history.


Another Hack – Applications

In situation you discover all the miscellaneous work-arounds top top the call tricky or complicated, it’s every good. We have another option for you. There are a bunch the applications the end there that you deserve to use to store content hidden. Right here are a couple of of the most famous ones:

Secret photograph Safe: HiddenVault – HiddenVault permits you come safely keep as numerous photos and also videos together you want. That comes with three methods to secure your content. You deserve to use the phone’s Touch ID, challenge ID, or girlfriend can get in a PIN. The application additionally comes through a private cloud backup. The best component about this applications is that you will certainly have complete control over your date, the application will not have access to them.Keepsafe: KeepSafe functions a user-friendly pen lock for which you need to form in a four-digit pen to unlock it. It even has a private camera that enables you to take pictures and also have them straight stored in the application because of which girlfriend don’t must worry around any time wasted in importing images from the phone come the application.SpyCalc: This application permits you come hide pictures behind a boring old calculator. It functions like any other calculator, but additionally comes through a an enig safe, where when you kind in a certain combination, you will be maybe to access your photos. The disguise provides this application about as safe together it have the right to possibly get.

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Hide Apps from iphone phone Search

You have the right to hide Apps on her phone, yet a search can dig lock up when more. You have to prevent castle being tried to find too, that way, her phone will be intruder proof.