Patrick Riebe builds totally functional laser guns, flame-throwing gloves, Spider man webbing harpoons, and plasma cutters and also sells them come buyers roughly the world.

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When Patrick Priebes, a 31-year-old who resides in Wuppertal, Germany, shed his job, he made decision to focus on his true passion: Building and selling functioning laser guns. He's currently amassed a strong following—his YouTube channel has over 83,000 followers, and also his pieces market for thousands of dollars. See, Patrick provides a particular kind of geek dream come true, by exporting his distinctive custom- and homemade pieces to clients roughly the world.

He was previously a chemistry lab technician, however after he had an accident while playing roller hockey, he lost his job and decided to turn his DIY hobby into a permanent gig. Since then, Patrick has been building innovative laser guns, maker guns, Spider male webbing harpoons, and also plasma cutters with motor-powered power cells, to surname a few.

Starting at about $330, he can develop you quite much whatever you want. Ns talked to Patrick around his designs, what the police think about his gun workshop, and also that one time he set his curtains ~ above fire v a flamethrower glove.

He likewise sent me some images of his latest laser guns.


Motherboard: hello Patrick. For this reason why execute you build guns?

Patrick Priebe: I desire to prove to myself and also to human being on Youtube what's possible: the you deserve to actually build these points at house all by yourself through some patience and practice.

I used to love building things with Legos as soon as I to be a kid, yet I never ever actually 'played' with them. And also today ns would never ever strap on my gauntlet and also go put on a present at the Gamescom or anything prefer that. Ns don't choose dressing up. It's really simply all around the difficulty of developing something very technical.

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Do you have a huge gun arsenal at house then?

When miscellaneous is finished, I almost instantly lose all my enthusiasm in the project. I put the gun far in my closet and move on to something else. Mine favorite project is always the many recent one. That's why ns don't mind building custom guns for clients and shipping them at anywhere the world.