Customize your iPhone ringtone or alarm by downloading various sounds native TikTok using this step-by-step guide.

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tiktok is recognized for its ability to make a sound go viral, it"s among the factors the application has end up being so popular. Not only do musicians get exposure this way, but amateur audio editor can additionally have your moments of fame.

If you"re a regular user that TikTok, chances are you"ve end up being obsessed with among these sounds at some point, and you might have wondered how you have the right to use it external of the app.

Well, you can turn your favorite tiktok audios into an alarm or ringtone on your iPhone, and we"re walk to show you how.

just how to make a tik Audio right into a Ringtone

with the help of a few apps, you deserve to make any kind of TikTok sound into a ringtone. Let"s jump right into the steps…

TikTok re-superstructure Options
discover a video with the sound you want to use, madness the Share icon, and select Save Video come download the to your camera roll. Before downloading, watch the video clip through come ensure that there"s no additional, undesirable audio indigenous the creator.

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If the creator has their download turned off, you can always screen-record it:

Tap top top the audio at the bottom right, you"ll be directed to a web page with the sound at the top and all the videos that have used that sound underneath it. Start screen recording and play the audio by tapping on its icon. as soon as you end the display screen recording, it"ll save to your camera roll.
TikTok Sound top top Video
iPhone display screen Recorder
TikTok Audio Playback
Another great tip is come "favorite" the sound you like:

open the audio and also tick Add to Favorites. To access your favorite audio, go to your profile, tap the flag icon, and select Sounds. This method you have the right to store all your favorite audios and have quick access for future use.

step 2. Transform the video to Audio

There are two techniques to convert a video to audio top top iPhone: document converter apps and paper converter sites.

Here"s what you must do:

madness the plus (+) sign at the height left and select Photos Library. select the video you"ve simply saved and also tap Done. In the MediaConvert library, locate the video clip and insanity the i next to it. walk to More > Extract Audio.
In the Customization window, certain the Format is set to mp3. Make various other adjustments if you want to, and then struggle Start Conversion. It"ll save the convert audio paper to the MediaConvert library.

If girlfriend don"t desire to download one app:

collection the Source come Upload File, madness Choose record > photograph Library, pick the video you"ve just saved, and also hit Choose. check the Options crate to permit the Audio quality customization, and select the high quality you want. insanity Convert.
You"ll be command to a new window. Appropriate under Conversion Completed, tap top top Download Now and select Download from the popup prompt. It"ll save the convert audio record to your internet browser downloads.

action 3. Conserve the Audio to your Files

It"s vital to gain the audio right into the Files app because you"re walking to import it native your documents to Garageband.

native the MediaConvert app, locate the convert audio record in the library, insanity the i next to it, select Send > save to Files. Pick the folder you want to save it to and also hit Save.

In your browser, open the downloads folder shown by the encircled downwards arrowhead at the peak right. Open up the audio document you"ve simply downloaded, insanity the share icon in ~ the bottom left, select Save come Files, pick a folder, and also hit Save.

because Online Converter immediately names the file, you can want to situate it in the records app and rename it prior to continuing.

action 4. Income the Audio to GarageBand

Download the GarageBand app and also launch it. Then follow these steps:

hit the plus (+) authorize at the optimal right to open a new project, role to Audio Recorder and open it.
In the Audio Recorder Window, tap the tracks symbol at the top left (looks choose a stack of bricks). In the monitor window, madness the loops symbol at the height right. You"ll be command to a library.
for sure you"re in the Files tab in ~ the top, then open up Browse items native the files app at the bottom. choose the audio you"ve conserved to her files and wait for it to appear in the library. organize down ~ above the file, wait because that the Tracks home window to reappear, and also drag the file into the an initial track.

step 5. Loop the Audio

The iPhone has actually a ringtone term of 30 seconds, and also unless your audio is much longer than that, you"re walking to need to loop it.

In the monitor window, madness the plus (+) authorize at the ideal of the time bar, select Section A, set the Manual to 30, and hit Done.

pick the audio clip and also tap it as soon as to bring up a popup, select Copy. In the very same track, tap ~ above the empty an are next to the clip and select Paste indigenous the popup. Host down ~ above the duplicate clip and drag it alongside the an initial clip.

Repeat this procedure until the 30 secs are filled.

as soon as done, pat the audio earlier to certain you"re satisfied with the results, then tap the downwards arrow in ~ the peak left and select My Songs. This will save your looped audio to the GarageBand library.

step 6. Fiddle and set as Ringtone

indigenous the GarageBand home screen, find the project you"ve simply saved, hold down ~ above it, pick Share, and then Ringtone. Surname the ringtone if you"d like and hit Export.

In the prompt popup, choose Use sound as and also then Standard Ringtone (you can additionally assign the ringtone to a details contact indigenous this popup).

If you desire to ensure the your ringtone is successfully changed, or if you want to change it back, open up the iphone Settings > sounds & Haptics > Ringtone, and also you need to see your brand-new audio detailed near the top.

exactly how to make a tik Audio your Alarm

In stimulate to usage the tiktok sound together your alarm, you should follow the same over steps to wherein the audio is conserved in your ringtone sounds.

open the iphone Clock app, and either fight the plus (+) sign at the peak right to create a new alarm, or pick Edit at the optimal left and choose an already-existing alarm. In the alarm settings, open up Sound, choose your audio, struggle Back, and also then Save.

gain a Cool new Alarm or Ringtone on your iPhone

We know it seems choose a many steps, yet it it s okay easier and also faster the an ext you execute it. Currently go and find her favorite sounds on TikTok, monitor this guide, and give yourself a fun ringtone or alarm.

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