If you might only have one breakfast because that the rest of your life, what would it be?

Mine would certainly be a sausage and egg McMuffin.

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I LOVE them.

I’ve to be recreating them at residence for years now, for this reason I have actually a fair bit of experience.

In this article I’m going to teach you just how to do a round egg patty. One that’ll fit perfectly inside your muffin.

So, exactly how do you do an egg patty?

To do an egg patty, making use of an egg ring works best. Eggs rings room made with either silicone or non-stick coatings and shape her egg while the cooks. To make multiple egg patties, it’s best to roasted the eggs in a whoopie pie pan or muffin top pan.

Use one egg ring (or a makeshift one)

An egg ring is what Mcdonald’s usage to form their patties. You can’t gain much much more authentic 보다 this.

A an easy egg ring tool lets you obtain perfect egg patties every time

They consist of a metal or silicone ring and a handle. The ring has the egg while it’s cooking, and you end up with a perfect circle.

Egg ring are finest for world who don’t need to chef too many eggs in one go. It’s a cheap however effective solution.

How carry out you use the egg ring?

The cooking recipes I’m around to offer is exactly the very same as the McDonalds recipe.

Spray the inside of her egg ring v non-stick food preparation spray or rub it through butterPut it in her pan and put part oil/cooking spray inside the ringHeat up the panCrack the egg right into the ringBreak the yolk v a fork and also gently mix it around for a couple of seconds. This step is an important because it guarantee the egg cooks evenlyPut a couple of tablespoons of water in the pan (outside the ring)Cover the pan with a lid and also let the egg cook for 2-3 minutesRemove the egg ring (it need to slide turn off easily) when the egg is cooked

The water in the pan permits the peak of the egg to steam while the bottom fries. This provides the egg it’s unique texture and also prevents the from overcooking.

Adding a little amount that water come the pan helps the top of the egg to cook as the steams

What’s the finest egg ring?

There space a couple of things you have the right to use to make an egg ring.

You deserve to buy one, or you deserve to opt for a makeshift alternative.

Regular egg ring

I choose the Meidong egg rings (Amazon link).

You obtain a pack of 4, and they come with an oil brush. The brush renders it simple for you come coat the whole ring evenly, therefore there’s no possibility of the egg sticking. Plus, girlfriend don’t have actually to obtain your hands dirty.

Buying one egg ring is the easiest and safest option. You recognize it’s going come work.

A mason seasoned lid/canning jar rings.

These room a popular alternate to egg rings. The quart-sized ones room the perfect size for one English muffin.

Plus, you can buy castle in bulk for cheap. If you have a level grill and want to chef up many eggs in one go, these will come in an extremely handy.

A ring make from urgently aluminum foil

A DIY aluminum ring is a an excellent option if you nothing have any other alternatives, but I wouldn’t recommend it as your go-to method.

To make an aluminum egg ring:

Cut a sheet of aluminum foil, slightly bigger than one A4 paper of paper. Placed the dull side face down (so the glowing side will be emotional the egg)Place a ruler lengthways across the foil and fold the foil around the ruler. The ruler makes sure the edges space straight for this reason there space no gaps as soon as you put the ring in the panOnce every the foil is folded slide the leader outCut the corners turn off one end of the foil stripUse something one to form the piece (an English muffin is perfect but you can likewise use a water bottle, a jug of sauce, a cookie-cutter, or a cup). Make certain the inside of the ring is smoothSlide the cut end into the other end of the strip to certain the ring. Readjust the size if girlfriend need

The ring are very light, therefore you’ll need to hold it under while the egg is cooking. They are, however, really easy come peel off the egg once it’s cooked.

For the best chance the success, use a heavy-duty aluminum silver paper (Amazon link) and also fold that over number of times prior to you make the ring shape.

Fold the foil over a ruler shiny side up
Slide the leader out ~ a couple of rotations of foil
Cut 2 slight edge from one finish of the foil to help insertion
A (nearly) perfect egg ring
Use a circular jug to help shape your DIY egg ring
Voila! The perfect egg patty. Hungry yet?

A cookie-cutter

Cookie cutters come in every shapes and sizes. If you sophisticated deviating from the traditional round shape, this is the means to go.

Flowers and also hearts space my favorites!

They might not fit your muffin perfectly, yet the kids will love them.

The cutters often tend to be relatively light, therefore I would certainly advise stop the cutter down as soon as you cracked the egg right into it. Otherwise, you risk the egg leaking out the bottom and also ruining your shape.

An empty tuna tin

Make certain you’ve extensively cleaned the tin prior to you usage it. Otherwise, you might end up with a tuna flavored egg (ew).

Remove both end from the tin, then spray the inside with a lubricant and pretend it’s an egg ring. If you have a tin that’s ridged top top the inside, coat that extra well because the ridges can cause the egg come stick.

Use a frying pan through egg-shaped holes

If you can’t be bothered faffing roughly with egg rings, the next ideal thing is a dedicated egg frying pan.


The MyLife unit (amazon link) has four separate holes measuring 3 ⅞” throughout each.

The sides space slightly slanted, so you won’t gain the right edges an egg ring will provide you, yet that’s just a minor cosmetics issue. However they do assist the egg slide out nice and smoothly as soon as they’re done.

If girlfriend don’t must use all the holes because that eggs, you can additionally fry your bacon or sausage patty in the pan. That means everything will certainly be ready at the exact same time!

Bake the eggs in a round tray

What’s acquired perfectly shaped round holes?

A muffin tray (or far better yet, a muffin optimal tray, but more on the later)!

Oven baking the egg is fantastic method because that fast and easy batch cooking. Every you should do is cracked the eggs right into your tray and also leave them come cook.

Once cooked, the small eggs will last up to 5 work in the refrigerator or a couple of months in the freezer.

How to roasted eggs:

Preheat the range to 350 degreesSpray her muffin height tray with non-stick sprayCrack the eggs into eachholeCut the yolk v a fork and also swirl it around a bit. Separating the yolk helps the egg cook evenlySprinkle over some salt and pepper (optional)Cook until the eggs and also yolk are collection (around 13-18 minutes depending on how soft you desire your yolk)

What’s the finest tray for making egg patties?


Traditional English muffins room 3-4 customs in diameter, so you want your egg to it is in the same size.

Standard muffin trays room 2 inches in diameter.

Muffin optimal (or whoopie pie pans) room 3 inch – the perfect size!

Side note: If you’re not American, a whoopie pie is two tiny chocolate cakes filled through vanilla frosting and also marshmallow fluff

You can get a good muffin height tray on Amazon if girlfriend don’t have one currently (linked here).

Microwave the egg in a ring container

This is the quickest method, yet it can take a few goes before you get the time right. Ns would have a couple of eggs comfortable in instance the very first one doesn’t go right.


You’ll require a dedicated egg cooker (this one’s my favorite). Many are in between 4-4.5 customs in diameter, so your eggs can overhang your muffin a tiny bit, but nothing major.

How to usage a microwave egg cooker for food preparation egg patties:

Spray the inside of the container with some non-stick food preparation spray (this is optional as most of the cookers are already non-stick, however I prefer to make sure)Crack the egg right into the containerBreak the yolk with a fork (if friend don’t, you risk it exploding)Sprinkle a little bit that water on optimal of the egg and close the lid. The water will assist cook the peak of the eggMicrowave the egg in intervals the 15 seconds until it reaches your desired consistency

15 seconds is rather cautious, yet it’s pretty much difficult to give an accurate time since it counts on just how cold her egg is, how big your egg is and how an effective your microwave is.

Once you know around how lengthy it bring away to chef the egg, you have the right to stop checking it so often.

I favor the oxo egg cooker due to the fact that it has a removable bottom that provides it really easy to slide the egg out. Its 4.25 inch in diameter and has a slim curve to assist center the yolk.

The handle always stays cool, so you i will not ~ burn yourself taking it the end of the microwave.

Use a McMuffin maker

This is one because that your device lovers / McMuffin enthusiasts. 

You deserve to make your entire breakfast muffin in one maker – the Hamiton coast Breakfast Sandwich machine (amazon link).


The bottom part of bread go in the bottom compartment. Climate you add any pre-cooked meat (it can’t chef meat) and also cheese. Next, crack a fresh egg in the middle chamber and then put the next slice the bread on peak (don’t worry, it doesn’t touch the egg).

Then friend close the entirety thing and leave it because that 3-4 minutes.

When you open it increase again, the egg patty will certainly be cooked, the meat will be warmed through, the bread will certainly be toasted, and the cheese will certainly be melted. You have the right to slide the bottom the the egg plate the end to complete the sandwich.

Easy peasy!

It would certainly make a wonderful gift for the McMuffin fan in her life. Any birthdays coming up?

The sandwich maker is really simple to take it apart, and you deserve to put every the removable bits in the dishwasher.

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You can get all an intricate with the sandwich combinations. Think goats cheese, spinach, and tomatoes. Or eggs with avocado, a sweetcorn hash, and bacon.