Screenshots—or catches of whatever is mirroring on her screen—let you quickly save or re-superstructure information. And also on a Chromebook, grabbing castle is nice straightforward, so lengthy as you understand the right keyboard shortcuts.

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Knowing the correct keystrokes might be the most an overwhelming part for world used to MacOS or even Windows, as ChromeOS doesn’t shot to mimic those operating equipment for an easier transition. Instead, you’ll require to learn this fresh set of keyboard commands.

How come screenshot your whole screen


The specific positions the these secrets on her Chromebook may be different.

In order come grab only component of your screen (like as soon as you just want a single window to display or save sensitive details from gift captured), press Shift + Ctrl + the show Windows key. (That last vital looks choose three rectangles stacked offset.) Then click on the screen with your computer mouse at the sheet of the area you desire to capture and also drag it until the box has everything you want to capture.

How to access advanced screenshot features

Too tough to remember all the various keyboard shortcuts? Memorize this lone set of keystrokes then: Shift + Ctrl + display Windows. It’s the same combo as for a partial screenshot, but in the recent versions the ChromeOS, you deserve to either click on the screen to begin taking a partial screenshot, or click the icons in the food selection bar that appears. Those buttons let you choose in between full-screen, partial-screen, and also window-specific screenshots. Girlfriend can likewise begin a screen recording, which will certainly take video clip of your screen instead that a still image.

On tablets, press and hold the power button, then pick Screen Capture.

How to uncover the location of your saved screenshots

To copy papers from her Downloads folder to your Google Drive, simply highlight castle in Downloads, then drag them come the Google Drive link in the left-hand menu.

By default, your Chromebook conserves screenshots to its downloads folder—which is not instantly backed up to your Google account. You should manually upload castle to access the documents on other devices.

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To upload to Google Drive, open the papers app, climate the downloads folder. Choose the records you desire to back up, then traction them to her Google journey folder in the left-hand navigating bar. Lock will instantly copy over. Alternatively, you have the right to highlight the files, tap Ctrl + C ~ above your key-board to copy the files, then choose your Google journey folder and also paste them right into that location.