While a beautiful bathroom or luxurious life room are impressive enhancements to a home, no other room has the “wow factor” that comes with a concealed room. Every it takes is a camouflaged door and also a little bit of architecture trickery to produce these unique escapes in your Minnesota home.

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So what perform you put right into a secret that’s concealed in level sight? read on because that our surprise room concepts to create a room that’s completely your own.

Types of covert Doors

If you considering including a hidden room in a custom-built home, the very first step is come decide exactly how to conceal it. There are countless ways to conceal covert doors in homes, so as soon as you work-related with your practice home home builders in Minnesota, the only limit is your creativity.

Stone Walls


Stone to add a feeling of solidness and structure come the custom home structure process, therefore it’s the ideal product to usage if you’re hoping to reduced suspicion. Return a rock wall may seem an overwhelming to move, it have the right to be engineered to immediately open and also close v a mystery switch.

Concealed wall Panels


Similar come a stone wall, a paneled wall surface is a convincing disguise. The an excellent thing around panels is that world expect castle to have seams around the edges, so her doorframe fits best in with its surroundings. A surprise panel door is straightforward to install and fades right right into the background.


Consider this question: What do most people keep behind your indoor gas fireplaces? Nothing, right? That’s not the instance for those who select to tuck far their mystery room behind the flames. This type of secret door reinvents the an interpretation of a warm night by the fire.



A built-in bookcase is a wonderful enhancement to any type of home, yet one that provides an entrance into a hidden an are takes this item of furniture to the following level. Volumes of imaginary people may fill each shelf, but the concealed room behind a bookcase is a little bit of fantasy in actual life.

Cabinets & Dressers

Sure, some civilization hide their valuables inside their cabinets and drawers, but the real keys sometimes lied behind this furnishings. Your guests room unlikely to attempt to relocate your cabinetry around, ensuring that the only civilization who go into your room space those who are claimed to.



Whether you’re the fairest one of all or not, a mirror door uses a magical means to enter a secret room. Through a full-length mirror, your guests will certainly be too focused on catching a glimpse of themselves to ever before suspect the covert passage just feet away.

How to usage Your an enig Room

Deciding how to hide a room is only half of the fun. You can use your secret room for nearly anything, so consider what instances in your life can use a small extra privacy.

Home Theater

Nobody likes gift interrupted throughout a movie, and also with a concealed home theater, girlfriend never need to worry around unwanted intrusions. Concealing her theater help to improve the feeling of immersion for every film, and also it deserve to be the perfect spot for a date night v your far-ranging other.

Children’s Playroom


There might be no one that appreciates the new of a concealed room quite as lot as a child. To kids, a concealed room is a i to almost everywhere their psychic takes them. You have the right to turn it into a covert castle, a diverted train station, or a shed land of dinosaurs v toys that match the theme. It can likewise be a great trick for as soon as you’re building a home that have the right to handle your growing Minnesotan family.

Man (or Woman) Cave

Letting loosened and unwinding in a ar designed for fun is a therapeutic experience. As soon as that place is in your home’s surprise room, you could find yourself spending most of your time in in it. If you desire to produce a secret man or mrs cave, think around getting a swimming pool table, dart boards, or a big TV and comfortable seating to bring your room together.

Reading Nook


There’s nothing quite favor reading a great book in a cozy space. A concealed nook under the stairway serves together the ideal location to obtain lost in literature. What’s great about a concealed reading nook is that it doesn’t take a the majority of furniture to produce — lighting, comfortable cushions, and a place to store books is every it takes to develop a snug escape. Inspect out our model at 4325 Lakeview Court, which attributes a secluded reading nook.

Safe Room


For anyone who worried around security, a concealed room deserve to serve as a safe room. So lengthy as friend hide your entry suggest and usage a hefty barricade door, intruders will never uncover their method inside. Take into consideration wiring security cameras transparent your house that you deserve to monitor from your safe room.


Admit the — having actually your very own personal, an enig bathroom would be nice great. Instead of waiting for toilet hogs to end up their business, you might live favor a king or queen with a throne to contact your own. Add a jacuzzi tub into the mix, and suddenly a secret bathroom feels an ext like a secret spa. Need ideas for the design? We’ve put together a guide to do a statement with your toilet sink.

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Make Your an enig Room a Reality

Looking for extr inspiration for your concealed room? our team newly completed a two-story house in Eagan with a covert poker room behind a bookcase. See the photos to see exactly how well the hides in plain sight.

After did you do it taken part time to dream up her ideal hidden room, it’s time to begin the design process and construct a an enig room in her house. The ideal hidden rooms to the right right into the homeowner’s everyday life, so check out our blog post, “The right Fit: home Designs and also Layouts because that Life” to learn much more about developing a practical home—or obtain started by reserving her lot today.