The ski chair’s earlier is varying lengths the 42 come 45 inches cut from seven fiberglass skis. You’ll require a power hacksaw to reduced through metal edges. Armrests space two 26-inch ski sections (tips included). The chair’s seat is reduced ski scraps. Seven 20-inch strips space screwed into front and rear overcome members.

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Ian Aldrich

Lincoln Fuller isn’t huge on obtaining rid of stuff. “I have a challenging time throw anything away,” claims the Yarmouth, Maine, resident. Take it his ski chalet at Sunday River, where Fuller and his family have to be coming due to the fact that 1968. There, four decades of fiberglass skis had developed up, most of lock finding a home in a storage spot in ~ the house or in an out closet ~ above the ago porch. “I bet we had 20 pairs,” states Fuller. “We didn’t also know whom few of them had belonged to.”

So, as soon as his wife, Marti Mayne, said he shot to replicate one Adirondack-style ski chair she’d as soon as seen made the end of old skis, Fuller jumped in ~ the chance. That could complimentary up some needed an are without, girlfriend know, having actually to eliminate anything.

Afterward, Fuller called his mommy what he’d built. She was somewhat taken aback the he’d provided her skis in the chair. “You cut up mine skis?” she inquiry him. However when he presented the ski chair to she a s gift, she love it. And for good reason, note Fuller. “It’s unique,” that says. “It’s eye-catching, and also there’s some sentimental worth to it.”

Cost:$50 for lumber, screws, and paint

Materials:2×4 and also 2×6 framing lumber5 pairs fiberglass skisPhillips-head screwdriverskill observed & power hacksaw4-inch, 2-inch, and 1 5/8-inch drywall screwssandpaperlatex paint

Download and print a page of illustrations for this chair.


Ski Chair Frame. Fuller’s an initial task was to develop the chair’s core, which consists of varying lengths of 2×4 and 2×6 pieces of framing hardwood (Figure 1).

1. Because that the 2 front 2 legs, cut a solitary 2×4 into corresponding 27-inch sections. The front cross member is a 22-inch board from the same-size stock. Using two 4-inch drywall screws on either side, join the front cross member to the front legs, in between them, 15 inches increase from your base (Figure 1a).

2. Behind legs room a pair that 38-inch 2×6 boards. Reduced both end of each board at a 45-degree angle. Using 3 4-inch drywall screws on one of two people side, sign up with the angled end of the rear legs come the ago of the front legs at the top.

3. The behind cross member is a 25-inch 2×4, cut at a 30-degree angle. Using three 4-inch drywall screws on either side, join the behind cross member come the rear legs, across the outside, 18 inches up from their base (Figure 1b).

4. Repaint the whole frame v a couple of coats the dark-blue latex.

Ski Chair Back

For Fuller, the biggest an obstacle might have been dismantling and cutting the five pairs the fiberglass skis the was making use of for the chair’s back, seat, and also armrests (Figure 2). “Removing the old bindings was pretty difficult,” he says. “They were epoxied, therefore they to be screwed in quite solid.” due to the fact that of the skis’ metal edges, Fuller opted for a power hacksaw end a ability saw.

1. Reduced the reminder ends of 7 skis into varying lengths (Figure 2a): one 45-inch; two 44-inch; 2 43-inch; two 42-inch.

2. Using three 4-inch drywall screws per ski, join ski part vertically (and same spaced) come the rear cross member, flush v the bottom edge of the board (Figure 2b).

Ski Chair Seat

For the seat, Fuller recycled his reduced ski tails.

1. Using 2 1 5/8-inch drywall screws at either finish of every ski tail (Figure 2c), sign up with seven 20-inch pieces, to adjust horizontally, come the top of the frame’s front and rear overcome members.

Ski Chair Finishing touches

Fuller’s last structural task was to create the chair’s armrests.

1. Using two 1 5/8-inch drywall screws ~ above either next of the chair, mount 2 26-inch ski sections (tips included) top top the top of the two front legs.

2. Using 2 2-inch drywall screws indigenous behind the chair’s back, join the outermost vertical slat top top either side to the butt ends of the armrests.

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3. Fuller finished turn off the entirety project by smoothing the edges of the skis (back, seat, and arm rests) v 50-grit sandpaper — yet only lightly. Why? “Because they to be pretty dull from having actually been just stored away and also not sharpened,” the says.