These space Sonoran warm Dogs! Bacon-wrapped warm dogs topped with ALL the toppings you might ever want. Epic warm dogs because that summer grilling!





This short article was updated might 14, 2021 to include brand-new video and updated instructions.

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I have to start this post with a large fat disclosure: I’ve never ever been come Tucson (or Sonora, Mexico for that matter) and also never had an main Sonoran warm Dog. So, it’s with good humility that I even attempt come recreate it.

But, ns do have actually a an excellent friend who goes there frequently and also we made this Sonoran hot Dogs a few times end the years. He confirmed that these were close enough! Plus, it turns out, similar to many grilled meat items, you have the right to kind of do it her own and it’ll more than likely be delicious.

There are countless variations the the Sonoran dog out there, therefore this is my take it on it. The seems choose one point that is constant on these dogs, and in mine opinion is the most amazing piece, is the combo that bacon-wrapped hot dog, beans, and also spicy salsa. There’s something functioning there, people, and also it’s delicious.

Sonoran hot Dog Video

How to do Sonoran warm Dogs

The hardest component of the Sonoran warm dog is the bacon-wrapped element. It’s doable though and you could make a bunch of these prior to a party or something without too lot trouble. You don’t actually should secure the bacon v toothpicks. If you wrap the bacon tightly and also sit the warm dog for this reason the ends of the bacon room underneath, it’ll remain wrapped.

Making the dogs

Cook this on a medium-high grill v the ends under still and as they chef the bacon will firm up and also stay tightly wrapped roughly the hot dog. It’ll likewise get beautiful crispy.

If you obtain the temperature too hot on the grill these hot dogs will burn. So save it ~ above a medium-lowish or indirect grilling temperature.

The other items because that these hot dogs room pretty straightforward. The only other thing I cooking is i warmed up my pinto bean in a tiny pot with some butter, cumin, brown sugar, and salt and also pepper.

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If you’re serving these to a crowd, simply put everything in bowls so human being can help themselves to toppings. I prefer ALL the toppings!

Traditionally, these are served with mayo, yet I adjusted it up a bit for my version and kept v a tex-mex theme. I stirred together the juice of a lime with some tart cream for a quick creamy sauce to drizzle on the dogs.

Buy the greatest buns girlfriend can discover for these guys and also pile them high!

No need to go every the way to Tucson (or Sonora) to gain your fill below people. This Sonoran hot Dogs are ready for your following backyard BBQ!