Remember DIY Fridays? I offered to share lock every week! this day let me show you how to chop a sweatshirt. This is a really straightforward no-sew task you have the right to do this weekend.

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This n0-sew project will teach you exactly how to chop a sweatshirt

It’s to be so long because I’ve excellent a DIY project! this day I’ve obtained a REALLY easy one for you — I’m showing you just how to chop a sweatshirt!

I bought this USA sweatshirt in ~ Target (it’s sold out however THIS ONE is virtually identical) a few months ago, and also although it was so cute, the bottom band provides the sweatshirt long and also fit snug around my hips, i m sorry isn’t an extremely flattering.

This is a supervisor quick and easy deal with to make your sweatshirt fit better! Let’s chop it.

HERE’S just how TO crop A SWEATSHIRT

Step 1. Decide on length.

Try your sweatshirt on, and decide just how much you want to crop. Go around 1/2” down from that and start there. Girlfriend can always crop higher, however you can’t add the length earlier on.

Make a mark with a fabric marker or pencil where you desire to crop. Make the mark on the next seam of the sweatshirt, no in the center center.


Step 4. Check for length and readjust as needed

Try your sweatshirt ago on and also check for length. Reduced off extr length if desired. I placed mine on and decided to cut off around 1″ more. Climate it was just perfect!

Will the sweatshirt fray?

Nope! timeless sweatshirt fabric will no fray, for this reason you deserve to wash and also dry and wear and also not worry about it fraying in ~ all.

The fabric at the bottom of the shirt will certainly roll up a bit. That’s entirely normal!

See?? Easiest job ever.

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And now since the band is gone, I deserve to do a perfect fifty percent tuck into jeans, OR leave it untucked and also wear through high waisted jeans.