Copycat TacoBell mexican Pizza lets you skip the journey thru and make this delicious favorite at home! I have the an enig to making castle taste just right!


Now the ingredients are straightforward and over there were part recipes top top Pinterest for them yet I can tell simply by looking lock weren’t going come stack as much as the original.

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See the thing that renders the mexican Pizza therefore delicious is that crispy shell. All the other copycat recipes I have seen have actually you making use of a tortilla thats been baked it rotates crunchy or those crunchy corn tortilla discs. Neither of this will provide you the authentic taste.

In order to attain true copycat perfection you require my mystery ingredient and also that is refrigerated taco salad shells.

They deserve to be a small hard to find and also you can definitely use the above methods, however if you can find these salad bowls they do all the difference! I included a snapshot to help.


Copycat TacoBell mexico Pizza

This recipe renders 2 mexico pizzasBrown and drain hamburger and also season with taco seasoning.Bake shells two at a time top top cookie paper till simply goldenSpread refried beans on 2 the the shellsDivide the hamburger meat onto the beansOn the staying 2 shells spread out taco sauce on each oneTop v cheese and also broil it rotates meltyTop with any type of toppings girlfriend like!

Can ns skip the meat?

Of course! just leave the end the meat and also these would make a fabulous Meatless Monday dinner!

I cannot uncover the shells anywhere?!?! What must I do!!??

Sadly because I an initial wrote this post a couple of years earlier Walmart stopped carrying them. But quite a few other stores still do. You deserve to go to the Azteca foods items website and use their save locator. Friend can additionally buy round crunchy corn tortilla shells the you can also use here. Friend can additionally fry soft flour tortillas and also use those.

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Can ns spice this up?

Sure!! usage a pepperjack cheese top top top, include a tiny heat to the meat seasoning or optimal with diced jalapenos.

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Copycat TacoBell mexico Pizza allows you skip the journey thru and make this delicious favourite at home! I have actually the an enig to making them taste simply right!