Eitan Bernath is a 17-year-old influencer recognized for his cooking videos top top TikTok, wherein he now has virtually 900,000 followers and also 19.8 million likes

Eitan Bernath didn't go viral on tiktok by accident.

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Last November, he bet one of his teachers that he might get a TikTok video clip to fight one million views by the end of the year. Despite he only had around 100 tik followers in ~ the time, the 17-year-old v a serious passion for cooking had currently been cultivation his following on Instagram, Facebook, and also YouTube through well-produced food preparation videos for years. (The vault month, he had talked onstage in ~ Facebook's Instagram following conference in brand-new York, throughout a panel held by the new York Times technology reporter Taylor Lorenz.)

So, the high school an elderly took a look at a to run Google Doc he used to store track of concepts that that "thought would go viral based on knowing the demography of the app," he told Insider in one interview, and picked one best suited for TikTok.

By the end of that day, the video — which showed his brand-new Jersey exclusive school cafeteria for a "world's best school cafeteria check" — hit over a million views.

Now, the social media wunderkind has practically 900,000 followers and 19.8 million likes on TikTok. "TikTok is the best thing that's taken place to all of my social media," Bernath said.

Eitan Bernath has attracted a vast audience on tiktok for his food preparation expertise and entertaining personality.

As quarantine has pushed civilization towards cooking as a hobby and necessity, Bernath has adhered to suit v his content, showing his followers exactly how to do their favorite foods themselves when they're quarantined in ~ home, from fish tacos to fried chicken. A fast scroll v Bernath's TikTok web page makes the mouth water.

Bernath has also started a quarantine-themed IGTV show called "Quarantined Cooking."

But beyond the recipes, it's Bernath's bubbly personality, rapid speaking voice, and clear knack for performing — among his signature move is to litter store-bought food behind him prior to remaking the cooking recipes at home — that make him stand out among the countless food accounts online. "My attention really is in performing and teaching about food," that said. "The camera is where I'm many comfortable. Ns really love connecting through people."

His entertainment style is likewise a organization move. Bernath said he crafts his videos to easily grab his followers' attention, for this reason they're much less likely to easily scroll by. "I think of it much less as a post, and more of an experience I'm creating for the human being who's the town hall it," he explained.

He had some beforehand brushes with food call — and also a link with guy Fieri.

Growing up, Bernath to be a picky eater. But when he saw recipes digital that differed from his mom's timeless Jewish cooking, he determined to take it a shoot at cooking something. Soon, once he to be 11 years old, his enthusiasm for food preparation would be solidified by a very exciting TV appearance on the Food Network's "Chopped" vain series. The display was act a test operation for what would eventually become "Chopped: Junior."

"It sort of started to rotate my enthusiasm for food right into a career," Bernath said. At age 12, after ~ the illustration aired and he beginning having news appearances, he began his blog and also Instagram.

In 2017, he had actually a second appearance on Food Network — this time, on male Fieri's series, Guy's grocery store Games. "He had actually personally request me, one time as soon as I met him, to be on the show," Bernath said, adding that Fieri has always been among his idols. "I take into consideration myself much more of one entertainer 보다 a chef," the said.

regardless of still being a high college student, he periodically works 12-hour days.

Bernath is proud of the production value of his videos, i beg your pardon he films with professional camera equipment and lighting (though his tiktok videos are filmed with his iPhone). He's even employed editor to help edit his very own content, as well as videos through his production company, Eitan Productions. "I do have actually a team of editors working for me just since we're putting out, like, 10 come 20 videos a day."

Between his production firm and his own personal brand, there are much more than 10 social media accounts he's responsible for updating through multiple day-to-day posts. "That's why ns don't sleep," that said, laughing. Part days, he gets up as early on as 5 a.m. To start working ~ above his videos. "Those room 12-hour job for all of us in the family," that said. "So it's really a team effort."

Bernath stated that when his parents are extremely "supportive" that his work, they have actually a "hands-off" approach, just getting associated when the really needs extra aid or has to sign a financial covenant or contract. (Though the will change soon, as soon as Bernath turns 18 later on this month.)

Most the Bernath's videos are filmed in his house. The even constructed a full-on kitchen collection in his garage. "If I carry out something, I'm walk to do it 110 percent," the said. Yet with his high institution graduation comes up in June, he's looking forward to obtaining his own ar in brand-new York City to usage for his videos.

But Bernath's best career influence is someone who is in reality not known for cooking at all. Jeffree Star, the assembly artist and YouTuber, has actually a career the Bernath wishes to embody. "I yes, really look up to him due to the fact that he has actually really take away a social media career and also turned it right into a organization that's precise worth thousands of millions that dollars," he said.

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Though his society media service is booming, Bernath said he's hoping to collaborate v Food Network again one day — maybe even with his own collection next time. "I don't recognize what they're waiting for," the said.