Cory is a zinemaker and printing push operator indigenous Omaha, NE who assisted make a trump card piñata filled with zines for an afterparty Omaha Zine Fest in march of 2016. Lock told us just how they go it end email. You deserve to follow them on Twitter

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During the major election, when Trump was addressing his many inflammatory rhetoric and when many people were tho considering him just a scarecrow, I had actually seen Vines of youngsters beating on trumped piñatas at date of birth parties and thought it to be a great way to bring some fun into political dissent.

It took around 16 hours full to do the piñata. Ns didn’t make it, but I worked with the brother of the artist and also she used hefty duty cardboard us salvaged from our warehouse job in addition to colorful tissue paper and paint. She is truly talented and also deserves every the credit transaction for the art, however she requested I not use her name due to the fact that of she undocumented immigrant status.

The zines within the piñata were all themed on resistance and also were detailed by Any way Necessary cumulative from Kansas City, Missouri, an anarchist front affiliated with many projects in the area. They listed zines top top the Ferguson Rebellion; the woman-led Kurdish Rojava fighters and the ideology system leader of Kurdish resistance, Abdullah Öcalan’s publication Democratic Confederalism; there was a copy the Queer Ultraviolence: A Bash Back! anthology; an issue of Black Seed, which is an ecological journal indigenous an anarchist perspective; Accomplices not Allies and indigenous peoples speak to for “accomplices” who assault colonial structures and ideals and also who space realized through common consent and trust.


The piñata smashing was at the afterparty because that the 2016 Omaha Zine Fest. It was a dance party in a DIY an are in Omaha controlled by women and also at the time, there to be a pirate radio terminal in residency referred to as Bomb sanctuary Radio. The piñata was so fine made that ns didn’t want to check out it smashed yet it felt good to check out a group of artists, queers, musicians and also zinesters cheer on the public beating the a trumped effigy.

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This year, we’re going to build a enlarge Trump piñata. It will be tremendous. I typical it folks, you’ll love this piñata. The is simply yuge and also I tell you what folks, we are going to offer that trump card a bigly beating.