A Turducken (aka Turducken Roll) is composed of rolled-up meat from three deboned birds: a chicken, a duck and a turkey, in ascending order of size. The chicken is stuffed inside the duck, which consequently is stuffed within the turkey.

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Turducken is considered a new or an extravagance still, and may always be fan to the assembly work involved.

Some people, top top seeing the word for the first time, are a little bit startled in ~ the thought of a food start with those four an initial letters till their eye learn just how to parse the word.

Some civilization consider Turducken the summary of American excess. That is, however, simply a renewal of the an extremely Medieval exercise to stuff one pet inside another to surprise and also delight diners.

You deserve to make your own Turducken Roll, despite it is a most work. First, the birds have to be boned. Friend can try buying the bird from a butcher and asking the butcher come de-bone the birds because that you. If girlfriend are decreased to law your own deboning, remember the deboning one bird, permit alone, three, is very time-consuming to do, and also requires deboning exercise in advance. If you perform debone your own birds, remember come keep any kind of bird that you room not currently working top top in the fridge.

American cook Paul Prudhomme provides very long instructions on his website because that preparing Turducken Roll, consisting of three different stuffings because that you to make the go inside.

You have the right to purchase Turducken Rolls already prepared, either plain, or with stuffing such as Shrimp & Crawfish, Cornbread and also Creole Pork, etc. If you purchasing one, be certain to obtain your order in fine in advance.

If you are buying the birds already boned and just assembling the roll yourself, allow for 1 hour assembly time consisting of making 1 stuffing.

A 15 lb (7 kg) Turducken Roll will certainly serve 15 come 20 people.

Turducken Roulade

This is a smaller version that Turducken. The is made of 3 layers of meat — boneless butterflied turkey breast, duck breast and also chicken breast, in that order — through dressing between each layer, climate rolled up, it is simpler to do yourself at house than a full-fledged Turducken. It likewise takes much less time come cook, around 1 1/2 hours.

Commercial rolls may be bound with string netting.

Wrap in aluminum foil to cook until the end, then eliminate foil come brown a bit,

A 5 lb (2 1/4 kg) Turducken Roulade will certainly feed 6 to 8 people.

Cooking Tips

If friend purchased a Turducken role frozen, thaw it an initial before cooking. Enable 2 to 3 days because that a 15 pound (7 kg) one to thaw in the refrigerator.

Bake v the string approximately it. Because that a 15 pound (7 kg) one, roast in ~ 350 F (175 C) covered for 4 1/2 hours, climate uncover, and roast for secondary hour or till browned. The meat need to reach the internal safe temperature because that poultry that 165 to 185 F (74 to 85 C.) because that a 20 lb (9 kg) Turducken Roll, some say enable 12 to 13 hrs of food preparation (sic) at 190 F (88 C.)

Alternatively, Turducken have the right to be smoked or cooked on a barbeque grill, yet not deep-fried.

To carve, let remainder covered for half an hour. Remove the string. Then, very first slice completely in half lengthwise, to do two long halves. Then, slice throughout each half.


History Notes

In its existing incarnation, Turducken appears to have actually originated in Louisiana. The American chief Paul Prudhomme think it may have originated through him.

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It is is possible, though, the it may have actually been motivated by a product that appeared in the 1950s: “Tur-King is a new kind of turkey, a 9-pound role of boned, uncooked turkey meat, light and also dark, every the meat that’s usable top top a 19- come 20-pound bird, covering in heavy aluminum foil, pressed into log form, and also frozen. Tur-King is gift packaged now in 2 ¼-pound logs for home use to sell through the frozen-food markets. It is processed and packed by Farmers’ Produce firm of Willmar, Minnesota, for the Norbest Turkey Growers’ combination of Salt Lake City.” — Paddleford, Clementine (1898 – 1967). Food flashes Column. Gourmet Magazine. May 1950.s

Literature & Lore

“From the bayou country that offered birth to jambalaya, etouffee and various blackened delicacies comes a vacation hybrid of birds – a triple play of festive fowl that mother Nature never ever intended. Behold the turducken… Turduckens are cultivation in popularity, and also there space assembly instructions and recipes ~ above the Internet, consisting of the web site of the tri-bird’s apparent father, Cajun chef Paul Prudhomme, who states he make his an initial one in the 1960s. Yet the deboning is treacherous and also assembly complicated, so most consumers opt because that buying them already prepared.”

— Sewell, Dan. Associated Press. A holiday hybrid as soon as plain turkey simply isn’t enough. Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The Intelligencer Record. Thursday, 27 November 1997. Page A15.