In fact, after reading this guide you will have the ability to make your own with no genuine expertise. That’s right, you don’t need woodworking or programming to do one (unless you want to).

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Build your own smart winter by combining a dielectric smart mirror v a decorative frame to complement your decor.
Build your own smart winter by combine a dielectric clever mirror v a decorative structure to match your decor.

The glass smart winter is 70% reflective and 30% transparent so the is practically identical come a conventional mirror. It offers really an excellent display high quality through the mirror.

A diy smart winter is supervisor fun and easy! that course there are ways to complicate it however using our methods you can gain the basics down.

Think around the attributes you want in her smart mirror and what you need to work with. Because that most civilization doing this on a chop budget, touch capacity is generally not recommended.

Keyboard & MouseTouch ScreenFacial Recognition/CameraAlexa Voice ControlGoogle residence Voice ControlButtons

The most popular collection up is a recycled computer system monitor associated with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, loaded with software. Simple. Expense effective.

With one IR Touch Overlay, friend will require woodworking experience to structure it up. The IR Touch sizes match TV sizes v a 16:9 ratio, and also are not generally found as a traditional size framework you can order online. V the touch foil, you deserve to use any size screen and also mirror, therefore this does open up up more possibilities because that ordering a pre-made frame and standard mirror size.

Below room some instances of Samsung TVs that have actually been framed approximately the view-able area the the display with one IR Touch Overlay set up on height of the mirror, under the frame.


The IR Touch Overlay can be larger than the TV. However, this is not recommended uneven you desire to hide a camera behind the mirror.

With this technology, the screen is ~ above the bottom, complied with by the mirror, then the IR Touch Overlay on top. From there you will certainly cover the overlay with a framework to hide the from view and to host the smart mirror together.

This is the many popular method to include touch since it is less expensive and easier to discover than the touch foil.

The touch foil is ideal for jobs where the TV is smaller sized than the mirror, and also you desire to customize the mirror size to be any size. It is also great for frameless smart mirror projects since you can simply use this come the ago of the mirror and hide the TV/monitor within the wall.

Any old computer monitor will do. If you’re in the sector for miscellaneous new, ns recommend going with a TV. Our desired brand is Samsung. The cool thing around using a TV is the you can use a far to rotate it on and also off so friend don’t need to leave the button of the monitor exposed.

For framed smart winter projects, ns recommend going with a 2.5″ framework width or bigger if you space doing the frame on her own and are frame to the view-able area that the screen.

If you room buying one the is prepared to go (no woodworking endure required), a shadowbox frame is your ideal option. After ~ you have actually selected her monitor, check the thickness and also find a shadowbox frame that deserve to hide that completely, factoring the glass in prior (1/8″ come 1/4″ in thickness). This will give you the finest look in the end.

Examples of great Shadowbox Frames

You want it to it is in thick enough to home your monitor and also computer, but as thin as possible so it is not prefer a cube sit on your desk or hanging top top the wall. As soon as you room on the hunt for the perfect frame, make certain the insert is removable so you can replace the clean glass through the unique mirror.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, examine out our clever Mirror framework product. We construct custom dimension frames v a thin, contemporary frame that has actually a most depth. The standard structure thickness is 2.5″ and also we can double this up to 5″ to fit even the thickest display behind the mirror.

Step #5: The Mirror

Mirror options For DIY Smart winter Projects

Glass Two means Mirror

70% Reflective11% TransparentBronze Tint

Glass clever Mirror

70% Reflective30% TransparentColor Neutral

Acrylic Two means Mirror

70% Reflective30% TransparentSilver Tone

Dielectric Mirror

30% Reflective70% TransparentColor Neutral

How do I review technical specifications?

Let me evaluation with girlfriend what the technical specifications room telling us. The % reflection is on a scale of 0 to 100, 100% being a traditional mirror. So, the glass two means mirror, acrylic two means mirror and glass clever mirror space all 70% reflective. This way they will all look nearly identical come a conventional mirror wherein the display screen is black.

Transparency = screen Quality

The transparency portion is the most necessary number! This is due to the fact that it speak you exactly how much that the display screen quality girlfriend see through the mirror. It puts this number on a range of 0 to 100, 100% gift clear glass or no winter at all. The glass two means mirror is 11% transparent, so it is blocking 89% the the irradiate coming through. It’s choose viewing a television with sunlight glasses on!

Smart mirror Visual Glass Comparison

The display has a black background v white text.

In the picture above there is picture with a black color background and white text, and also a color wheel listed below each title. This is come simulate what your diy smart mirror will look prefer with each mirror type. If girlfriend are familiar with this application at all, this is super evident why we would compare lock this way!

It is evident who the winner is. Notice with the Dielectric Mirror, the color wheel is lot brighter and also the text is white and easy come read. However, the reflection tint is no the closest enhance to a typical mirror.

The Acrylic Two method Mirror has actually a nice grey tone and is shade neutral.

Check it out! The Glass smart Mirror has actually a fresh reflection and also a bright shade wheel. This resembles a traditional mirror the closest the end of every one of the options.

Finally, the Glass Two means Mirror is an extremely hard to see as the reflection overpowers the text and color wheel.

Most people only desire to know:

Can they usage the acrylic for your project?

That is a loaded concern to say the least! over there are numerous factors. I desire you to choose with confidence the correct mirror that you will be happy with.

It is going into a frame
You are not utilizing touch
Your mirror is smaller than 24″ x 48″
The winter is bigger than the screen

Why the dimension cap?

The acrylic material is bendy by nature. When the thickness is 1/8″, the biggest size we recommend is 12″ x 24″, or 24″ x 28″ if friend go v the thicker material.

Insider note: If you room doing touch and go through the acrylic, the IR Touch Overlay will interefere as result of bendiness. Protect against this at all cost.

Acrylic does have a plastic edge,so friend will desire to covering it through a frame.

Now the we have that out of the way-

Let"s inspect out the glass options.

Glass two Way70% Reflective11% TransparentBronze Tint

Glass clever Mirror70% Reflective30% TransparentColor Neutral

Dielectric Mirror30% Reflective70% TransparentColor Neutral

For one factor or another, you’ve determined at this allude to go with glass. There are two key configurations because that a clever mirror. Either the mirror and display space the exact same size, or the mirror is bigger than the display.

When the mirror & TV are the exact same Size

If the mirror and display room the exact same size, the Dielectric winter is the best choice. This is since the frame can sheathe the bezel the the tv, so even though the is very transparent, it will not it is in obvious. Once mounted you will certainly be happy you made decision it! The display quality is the ultimate, even in bright lighting conditions.

If Your winter is huge and your TV is Small

When the winter is larger than the display, friend will desire to choose a winter that has actually a greater reflection. This permits the TV come vanish completely.
In smaller sized sizes, the Glass Two method Mirror and also Glass Smart mirror are around the same price. For larger mirrors, the Glass Two means Mirror is a good budget option.

The Glass Smart winter is available in one ultra-thin 3mm thickness, and also a 6mm thickness. The display screen quality through the mirror is 3 time brighter than a typical Glass Two means Mirror.

Step #6: Computer and Software

Choose the ideal computer and software for her smart mirror. You want to look at at your ultimate goal list and also find the end which attributes are most essential to you, for this reason yo can decide on i beg your pardon computer and software to acquisition to provide you the most functionality.

The most simple functions deserve to be achieved with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ v the software. At sight easy. Open up source. It’s super little so it will certainly fit in well through your in its entirety build. It’s a full win. If you room programming savy, there space a ton of 3rd party modules that add more functions to the mirror.

Here is my finish list that computer/software combinations.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Computer

The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is the latest model obtainable and is compatible with software.

Buy top top Amazon or Preprogrammed indigenous us

Smart Mirror through Raspberry Pi 3

Linux Smart winter Software is the ultimate structure for this. However, I understand some poeple simply want to know what is out there!

(No Programming Required)

The MangoMirror software can be downloaded to her Raspberry Pi 3 B+ for free from their website. Indigenous there, to configure and also control the mirror, you must have actually an iOS machine (iPhone or iPad) where you download the complimentary app the controls the widgets ~ above the screen.

Gamer RetroPie smart Mirror


(No Programming Required)

The MangoMirror additionally supports Android systems. Right here are the truth on what you require to acquire this working.

Android Fire tablet + iOS deviceFire TV+Display that has an HDMI port + iOS device

You still control the clever Mirror display screen via an iOS app, yet you can put one Android Fire tablet computer behind the mirror. Girlfriend can additionally plug in an Android Fire TV stick right into a display via the HDMI harbor to get the clever Mirror screen up and running. Get the installation instructions here.

Step #7: putting it Together

OK, so you have actually all the parts.

Let’s challenge it, that is the simple part!

That’s since putting a smart mirror together deserve to be very involved through woodworking skills, programming, and devoted tools.

I have actually tried and tested end 20 different varieties of paint, adhesives and also so on. Below are my optimal recommendations because that attaching the display to the mirror:

Blacking the end the earlier of the Mirror

In many smart winter setups, the display is smaller than the mirror. This requires you come “black out” the earlier of the mirror, all over except for where the display screen is to provide you that exceptional mirror finish. If you carry out not perform this, you will see through the mirror. Here are my optimal choices:

Black VinylBlack Felt

Recommended Adhesives

For diy smart winter projects, a key component is it is registered the screen to the mirror in some method since the display screen is usually smaller than the mirror. I recommend using black VHB tape and Black mirror Mastic Glue. Both of these alternatives offer a great bond through glass.

Download PDF indict Guides

Frame your tv appropriate to the view-able area the the screen.

Woodworking tools NeededMake with Dielectric MirrorAdd Raspberry Pi 3 or Intel Compute Stick
PDF Guide
PDF overview with Touch Overlay

Now I"d prefer to Hear native You

There you have actually it:

My ultimate DIY smart Mirror overview for 2020.

Now I’d prefer to hear native you…

Which functions are girlfriend going to include in your DIY clever Mirror?

Are girlfriend going to routine Voice control on her Raspberry Pi?

Or maybe you desire to shot making the a Touch display screen Smart Mirror.

Either way, let me understand by leave a comment below right now.

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