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Summer is practically here, and we couldn’t be an ext excited! quickly we will be exterior swimming in the pool and also playing v water balloons. Every year it seems favor the kids set out to do the bestDIY water balloon launcherto see simply how much their water balloon deserve to travel.

Water Baloon Launchers

Like structure catapults in ~ home, water balloon launchers permit the youngsters to expand their expertise while having fun. As they design and also plan out these launchers, they will use simple physics to identify where their balloon will certainly launch. 

What provides are necessary to build a water balloon launcher?

When building your water balloon launcher, you will desire to have an easy supplies on hand. Few of these include:

WoodHolder for her water balloon (can it is in made or even a recycle container)ScrewsTapeStrong tubing the is stretchy.

5 Water Baloon Launchers that are a should Build


1. Solo Water balloon launcher


If you desire to make a solo male launcher, this is the one because that you! We have been recognized to develop one or two of these during the summer come launch them in ~ the exact same time!

For this, you will want to gain some taller timber pieces that room 6 feet tall and two 2×6 boards that room 3 feet each.

Once you have actually your materials, you will desire to take your much longer boards and also screw or pond them with each other to develop legs so the they will stand up. Then you will certainly take your 3 footboards and attach one come the bottom the the boards (to affix the two front legs), and also then about 18 inches indigenous the top, attach the other.

At the top of the launcher, you will certainly tie on strictly (ensure it no snap off) the surgical tubing to every side. In the middle, girlfriend will desire to create a holder out of tape with something that you can pull ago on.

Once this is all put together, stand up your launcher and also see exactly how far and fast her ballon will go!

2. Tags Team Water Balloon Launcher


If you have friends you want to play with and are quick on time or an innovative capacity, this is the launcher because that you! grab a lengthy stretch pipe together, so it creates a circle. Climate in the middle, connect a washcloth v tape.

Once this is added, you deserve to take transforms launching it. Have actually one girlfriend on one next holding the tubing, a friend on the various other side, and a girlfriend in the earlier that will certainly pull back on the launcher.

Together you will be able to launch balloons all day long.

The ideal thing about this one is that it is portable and stores easily.

3. Catapult Launcher


Use those catapult-building skills to create one the the best water balloon launchers out there! for this, friend will require to create a basic for building it. Rember, you space going to want to follow those 6 steps for building a catapult.

First, friend will want to develop a plan as to what you are trying come do.

Next, you will certainly imagine how to develop it? just how will the catapult work? will you develop forward motion for your balloon launcher by attaching a bungee cord in the front and create some type of dowel the moves with the launcher? every these are good questions come consider before you start the actual building process.

The 3rd step is planning the on file and drawing out what each role will do.

Once friend envision it on paper, the is time to gather supplies and also begin the structure process.

Begin structure a test design to see how well the works and also then do adjusts as essential to develop your really own DIY water balloon launcher that will certainly make those balloons soar across the sky, or in ~ least throughout the yard.

4. Plastic Funnel Water Balloon Launcher


We have constantly had great luck utilizing a funnel to produce a funny balloon launcher.

First, friend will want to find a location in the yard the you can attach the stretchy tubing. You require two points the you deserve to use the are about 3 feet apart, offer or take.

Once you locate this, girlfriend will desire to take your funnel and also drill feet in each side around 3 customs down. These holes should be big enough the you deserve to lace the tubing v them. As soon as your holes room made, you will certainly take one piece of the tubing and lace it through the hole and also secure it right into place. You will execute this ~ above the various other side with the other piece of tubing.

After you have actually attached the tubing, you will certainly secure one side of the pipe to one of the clues you located in the yard, and also you will certainly take the other piece and also attach it come the other side.

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Once secure, add your water balloon right into the funnel, traction back, and also see how much you can make her water balloon travel!

5. An easy Wood Catapult


If girlfriend are searching for a basic wood catapult the is little and simple to make, you want to do this through the kids.

You will want to get a 1×4 the is at the very least 4 feet long. Girlfriend will likewise want to obtain some scrap 2×4 as well. Walk ahead and take your scrap 2x4s and also cut them the broad of her board. Nail or screw them to the bottom of her 2×4 about 12 to 18 inches indigenous the bottom. (This will develop a structure similar to a teeter toter, yet with a lot more board on one side. On opposing side, girlfriend will attach a launcher bin. This is an excellent to usage a container native the kitchen the food to be in. (Think the provided food containers that your grandma stores her leftovers in, prefer Cool Whip bins). You will desire to screw this into place. Once screwed right into place, location your balloon in the holder and stomp under on the various other side. Her water balloon will certainly skyrocket into the sky!

Do you have actually a DIY Baloon launcher that you love? you re welcome share with us in the comments just how to do it!