This Copycat Wendy’s Frosty recipe is low-fat and also so easy to whip up! that tastes like a lighter cacao milkshake, yet it’s still super creamy and delicious.

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Creating This Wendy’s Frosty Recipe

I haven’t had a Frosty in around 15 years, yet it popped right into my head and I had actually to have one.Except i knew i wasn’t going to Wendy’s for one, so i had better make the myself.

This copycat Wendy’s frosty recipe is fast, dangerously easy, and you don’t require an ice cream an equipment to accomplish that creamy consistency.Simply include 4 ingredients to your blender, whiz, divide it between two mugs, freeze because that 30 minutes, and also enjoy. Method too easy!

The results are every little as good as Wendy’s, and also the taste and texture is spot-on.As a bonus, my variation is low-fat and also while no one should ever confuse Frostys with wellness food, this version is lighter 보다 the genuine thing.

I provided fat-free version ofwhipped toppingandsweetened condensed milk, thechocolate milkis low-fat, and there’s no fat in cocoa powder. If you desire to usage full-fat products, be my guest.You can likely store the Frosty vegetables by usingvegan whipped topping, omit the sweetened condensed milk, and use chocolate almond milk instead.

It’s smooth, creamy, rich, sweet, and also refreshing with nostalgic charm. I supplied restraint to no down the entire batch.

My 7-year old inhaled about 18 ounces the Frosty in 18 seconds. Wish ns still had that metabolism!She asked for that ns make an ext of this — like asap.

I love cold treats even more when they get melty.Something tells me someHomemade Baileyswould make me love the melty parts also that much more.

Copycat Wendy’s Frosty Ingredients

This Wendy’s Frosty recipe is essentially a lightened up cacao milkshake. Because that this simple milkshake recipe, you’ll require frozen whipped topping (such as Cool Whip), sweetened condensed milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and also chocolate milk.

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So simple, right? Which method it’s dangerously straightforward to make a Frosty whenever you want one!

How to do a Frosty

Add the Frosty ingredients right into a blender and blend until smooth. Then, pour the Frosty mixture into two glasses and freeze for 30 minutes to one hour until it’s the consistency you want. Don’t forget to provide your Frosty a great stir before digging in!

You can actually make a large batch the homemade Frostys and also store them in the freezer for as much as a month. Simply make sure to cover the glasses in plastic plunder or store the mixture in plastic bags so the Frostys don’t soak up any smells from the freezer.

If her Frosty is frozen solid, let the sit in ~ room temperature for half an hour prior to enjoying. It’ll end up being thick and creamy in no time!