Learn just how to make homemade tough seltzer conveniently this summer. This basic DIY White claw Copycat is certain to store you quenched in the hot months!

It’s hot out there!

You deserve a update drink. But, don"t just settle for any old beverage. Make your very own with this easy recipe that will have actually you feeling satisfied in no time.

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This is the perfect drink because that those who desire to feel favor they are on holidays while at house or enjoying a work outside. Every it take away is some vodka, fruit juice or puree, carbonated water, and ice cubes (optional). The finest part? You deserve to make as much as girlfriend want since you"ve probably gained all these ingredients in your kitchen!

This homemade difficult seltzer is specialized to hot weather.


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Tips + Tricks

No. 1 --> do your own juice with the steps in the recipe below, or buy 100% juice of any kind of flavor friend like!

No. 2 --> acquire creative... Inspect out few of my great (not listed in the White Claw selection pack) smell options.

No. 3 --> Freeze your fruit juice or puree into ice cubes, they do the perfect portion for one individual tough seltzer whenever the atmosphere strikes!

Soda Water Vs Sparkling Water Vs Seltzer Water

Club soda is artificially carbonated and also contains included minerals, this can impact the flavor

Seltzer is also artificially carbonated yet does no contain any added minerals, the smell is an ext neutral. This can quickly be make at house with a SodaStream or other home infusion machine.

Sparkling water is naturally carbonated. Sparkling water, like club soda, has actually minerals in the which can affect the flavor.

You deserve to use whichever friend like. I personally use a SodaStream Fizzi and filtered water from our reverse osmosis water filter to do homemade seltzer water.

I would personally avoid tonic water as it has added sugar!

Key Ingredients

Carbonated water: As mentioned above, pick your favorite fizzy water!

Simple syrup: This basic to make beverage booster is perfect for including a little bit of sweet to her cocktail, specifically if making use of tart fruit.

Fruit: Use almost any fruit girlfriend like. For this recipe, I supplied the very same flavors from the selection pack of White Claws ns picked up. Cherry, lime, grapefruit, and mango.

How To do Homemade hard Seltzer

Pick your flavor and make the juice! when made, move the juice to a tiny airtight container, as you"re i can not qualify to usage it all at once. I choose to usage mason jars.MANGO: blend 1 cup that mango chunks in a blender until completely smooth.BLACK CHERRY: blend 1 cup that pitted dark sweet cherries in a blender until completely smooth.

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GRAPEFRUIT: Juice 1 new grapefruit.LIME: Juice 3-4 limes. Prepare your cocktail:In a cocktail glass, include your wanted fruit juice or puree.Transfer to a cocktail glass.Add one ounce of vodka.Top the cup with ice. Make the seltzer water:If you"re using a SodaStream, to fill the carbonating jar with cold water. If you"re not, open up a can of seltzer water, and also pour it right into a ready cocktail glass.Install the jar right into the maker and carbonate the water as much as girlfriend like. For me, that"s 3 3-second bursts. Remove the jar indigenous the SodaStream and fill your ready cocktail glass.

Batch + Storage info


As written, this recipe renders up come 4 homemade difficult seltzer in each flavor. This recipe deserve to be scaled easily and also the ready juice can be preserved in the fridge for up to 5 days. If you"ve got extra fruit juice or puree, frozen them in ice cream cube trays for even less complicated homemade difficult seltzers following time!


I introduce drinking your DIY White Claw once it"s made, yet if friend cannot finish it, merely transfer it into a little mason jar and also close the lid strictly to conserve the carbonation. Store it in the fridge until all set to enjoy.

Flavor Suggestions

As previously mentioned, I began by duplicating the flavors in the White Claw range pack ns purchased, but don"t let that protect against you! get creative! here are a pair flavor principles I am going to try next:

Pineapple mint: do or to buy pineapple juice, and also muddle with some mint leavesStrawberry: do strawberry juice, strain out the seeds

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