Guys can make girls crave for them…and right here is how!

We guys have actually been hunter-gathers for numerous thousands that years. And also even though us live in a civilized society today wherein we no longer live prefer that, our genetic predisposition still is come hunt. Hunt for food, conference berries, hunt animals, gather water and also hunt because that females. The is just just how we room programmed.

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But what happens as soon as we actually record the girl. Carry out we need to stay in this hunter mode and constantly follow her?The answer is no and also before we go into it, let me just tell why flipping the frame here is awesome and also how being the one chased is in reality great.

When you room in hunter mode, it means that you room chasing for something and also that you need something the end there that you crave for. As soon as that is food, her mouth salivates and also tell girlfriend to go find and also eat the food. You find the food then and also end her cravings.

The very same thing happens in relationships, whereby we men are the one craving the various other side and are in perpetual hunter mode. Because we have actually the urge and also the require to accomplish our needs.

But when you flip the frame, you become the reward and the girl requirements to follow you to satisfy her cravings. To carry out that, we require to have actually a pair of things going for us. And in mine experience, the is this 5 facets that will certainly yield you the best reward.

1. Grooming

Let me an initial tell you what to organize isn’t. This doesn’t median that you need to shave her armpits every single day, the every hair on your body requirements to be perfect shaped and “pointing” in the same direction etc.

Grooming doesn’t mean having actually $1200 blazer or the newest hip shoes. Grooming simply method being clean cut and making certain that friend respect the way you look.

This means that you must shower regularly and I am talk to you Paul and your couch-potato habit of not showering every single day. This is a must, not only for the girls however for your sense of self-respect.

Simple grooming likewise involves a clean-cut beard, hair and also clean clothes. And that’s it! straightforward as that. Due to the fact that it is not about the accessories, it’s about showing yourself first that you respect the way you look and also feel favor in your own skin. And by simply showering regularly, having clean clothes and a clean cut beard and hair, you will certainly be groomed favor a man. And girls love this! castle will desire you more because girlfriend are showing to yourself and also to her that you want yourself more, the you respect yourself an ext and the you are a high-value guy.


What kind of a style you will pick depends exclusively on you. But these space the prerequisites for any kind of style the end there.

2. Gift flirty

Being flirty is no only about the chase and also stage whereby you don’t have the girl yet. You deserve to use flirting also when you room in a relationship and dating a girl.

Flirting can be divided into two categories: words and behaviors.

Being flirty through words

Spark that communication in a way that you show her the you space playful v your words. Do it show up that she can’t have you or that she can’t have you anyway and also anytime she wants to.

We talked around takeaways in the short articles before and also that is a very an effective thing to use here. Just by stating to her girlfriend that “we space not having actually sex tonight”, you room sparking the initial dynamics i beg your pardon gets shed altogether in a relationship.

By reflecting her that she doesn’t have actually you also though she “had” you once or a couple of times, you spark she interest and she needs to placed some initiative into it. And this makes her want you more and more and more, making friend the pray of her hunting.

Being flirty through behavior

Ah, my favorite “weapon” to usage for sparking passion. This, in guys terminology, is referred to as teasing. You deserve to be playful through her and also tease her behaviorally in number of ways.

One that the most efficient things you deserve to do is come lean her head far from her once she tries to kiss you. This way, you room making yourself the end of reach even if the is for a pair of seconds. Yet girls simply love this since then they should push and also chase more.

You deserve to use comparable things like hugging she from behind and giving her simply one (and ns mean simply one) long, passionate kiss on her neck or she mouth. This will certainly send her a message that you care for her, but that if she desires it, she needs to work-related for it.

Or you can simply look she in the eye for three seconds and also then rest eye contact.

There room multiple means you deserve to flirt with your behavior and also these were just a pair of examples. Shot out your ways and find what suits friend (and your partner).

3. Being non-threatened by other guys

While we guys really a lot on physics appearance for our sexual attractions, for girls that is around behavior.And nothing transforms her on an ext than a i was sure man.

As we disputed in vault articles, girl test her character and personality in multiple ways and put you in high-pressure situations.One case like that is consistent mentioning of male colleagues and other males in general. As soon as you are not endangered by other guys, you present her that you are confident in yourself and also that you trust not just her behavior and also judgment but also that you are not needy.


When you room not jealousy of various other guys, you potentialism send her a post that says “I think that girlfriend are having actually the finest time of your life v me. So ns don’t worry about other guys because they can’t offer you what i can give you.” and also this confidence in your capacity to present her a great time and not be endangered by other men is a significant turn-on for girls.

Also, you present her one more thing that renders her chase and want you even more.

If friend feel the she can find someone who is better suited for she needs and she knows the you feel favor this, then she is even an ext interested. Since that reflects her that you are not needy, that you deserve to leave practically anytime and that you have the right to easily uncover someone else instead of her. This communicates the you are a high-value guy that girls desire to hang around and also want to have in their lives.

This an unified with trust in yourself is a significant turn-on for them and also they will chase you choose crazy as soon as you can show off this kind of behavior.

4. What is missed, is wanted

Imagine your favorite food right now. For me, it’s musaka – a unique potato-meat-potato food made in the Balkans.And currently think around eating that dish. Feels great ey?Now imagine eating that dish every solitary day, 3 times a day because that the rest of her life.Suddenly the doesn’t look the appealing to you. It looks gross and you don’t want it the often.But if you had actually it once every 15 days, that would probably be the finest meal you had actually in those 15 days.

And that is the concept of “what is let go is wanted.”When you make yourself constantly accessible and “usable”, then there is no time for the various other side come crave because that you. And time is the the significance here. You should make yourself unavailable for a certain duration of time so that the other side it s okay to miss you, your presence, your conversation skills, her flirty looks, and also your heat breath when kissing her.

All of these acquire diminishing returns once used generally so try to produce scarcity with these or at least produce smaller time frames when you two have the right to enjoy yourself.

This will certainly make her desire you more, the moment you two will spend together will have actually a larger quality due to the fact that you both will desire it more and there will certainly be FOMO- the fear of lacking out.

Because if girlfriend only have actually 3 hrs this entire week to cave out with her, climate she have to be really ready for those 3 hours due to the fact that there is not much more of you in that week and if she somehow screws the up, you space gone for the week.

This is exceptionally healthy and also is among the tricks of long and also successful marital relationships so view what suits you and your companion the best.

And we have concerned the critical point.


5. It is in open and also vulnerable

When you can show her and also state your feelings and also openness– the points that frighten you but likewise the points that wake up you – climate you will certainly feel the biggest want and also chase from the girl.

Because girlfriend are reflecting her that you are confident sufficient in a man you are that girlfriend can show her her feelings and also vulnerabilities in an open manner. This is the critical step because it takes a lot native most males to open up up and be breakable because culture teaches united state that males need to always be though, never have actually and, God-forbid, display feelings and vulnerabilities. Because those space for girls, wusses and also sissies.

And we males buy into s*** for many of our lives, damaging ourselves and our relationships. However by finding out to open up, we not only resolve our problems and also bottled increase feelings, however we additionally make ourselves much more appealing to the other side. So shot it to, go small and slow with it. And soon enough, girlfriend will begin to love it and also your partner too.

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It’s good to chase, but sometimes we want to be the one the is chased. And for friend to do that, you require these 5 elements: Grooming, gift flirty through words and body language, not being endangered by various other guys, making you yourself scarce and having her miss you and also the critical is to it is in open and vulnerable.