Today I’m excited come share among my favorite means to add character to your residence without having to invest a many money. All you require are a couple of building supplies and pallet wood. Have the right to you guess: v what we’re making? Yep – we’re structure a pallet hardwood wall.

I love using pallet timber for DIY tasks for a variety of reasons yet mostly due to the fact that it’s straightforward and inexpensive method to include color and also texture to any kind of space.

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Want come know how to do a Pallet Wall?

Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to display you how easy the is and howquickly that transforms other boring right into something fabulous.


Let me begin by mirroring you my wall surface before the pallet wood. This wall is 12′ tall and also the first thing you see as soon as you walk in my home. It appeared so cold and uninviting. For those of friend who know me, you understand I desire you come feel favor you are obtaining a hug once you to walk in mine home. I desire it supervisor comfortable and also inviting.

I make the efforts to resolve the problem by adding some practice artwork pieces. I love them on the wall but also these 3 24″x36″ pieces of art looked the end of proportion on this huge wall.

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Pallet wall surface Supplies:

Pallet wood

Total wood expense for this project: FREE


Pallet wall Instructions:

Step 1) Accumulate enough pallet timber to sheathe yourwall. relying on the dimension of your wall, this might seem prefer a an overwhelming task however they are basic to get.

Diva Tip: i was able to obtain long pallets native a regional hot bathtub company. Having longer pallets will assist break increase the wall.


This is what my heap of pallets looked like before we started disassembling them.

Step 2) using a sawzall

, saw v the nail in between the board and also the frame. If you try and pry them off, friend will end up spitting the boards. You will certainly be sohappy you did it this way because it pipeline the pond heads in the wood which looks awesome!


Here are photos ns took when breaking under pallets because that my Pallet outdoor Cooler drinking Station. Ns love the watch of the nails!

Step 3) as soon as the pallets are damaged apart spray them v a 1 to 1 mixture the bleach and water through a pump sprayer. Allow to dry in the sun. This will certainly kill any type of germs, bacteria or critters.

Diva Tip:To achieve a wall surface with varied color, leave the pallets in the sun. Wet them down again v water and allow them to dry. Then pull part in while proceeding to age others. This will provide you the sports in color!


Step 4) cut pallet boards into various lengths v a Mitre Saw



Step 5) start at the bottom and work your means up the wall. I wanted to make sure my an initial board was straight so i butted the board appropriate up versus my baseboard and then provided a level

to changed it come straight. This is exceptionally important because if you begin out crooked, you will simply get more and more crooked together you walk up the wall. Sorry, ns didn’t obtain a shooting of that yet I did take it a shooting of mine dear hubby help out v my “crazy” wall surface idea.


Step 6) pond boards

to the wall surface making sure to stagger the seams.This provides the wall surface a more realistic reclaimed look.

Step 7) check the boards through a level every 3-4 rows to make certain it’sstill straight. If not, change accordingly.


Step 8) Step earlier and admire her beautiful work. This is always my favourite step and I’m pretty certain it will be her favorite too.

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And right here is my pallet wall finished. I am seriously obsessed v it and I love exactly how my artwork watch on it. I additionally love that it’s the first thing human being see once they go in my house. It’s definitely a statement wall surface that it s okay a lot of attention.

Don’t you just LOVE the colors and texture that adds come the room? So lot fun and also with that price – it simply doesn’t get any far better than that!

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