While it"s nice to have actually an acknowledgement that your regulates are gift heard by your Echo, at times the continuous "OK" deserve to be a little bit much. We"ll show you how to gain Alexa to stop talking as soon as you ask her to carry out something for this reason you have the right to enjoy your smart home in silence.

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How to quiet down Alexa

Open the Alexa app on her mobile device.Tap the top left corner menu.Tap Settings.

Tap Account Settings.


Tap Alexa Voice Requests. Toggle the Brief Mode switch to "on."

You"re done!


Ah, sweet silence

Congratulations, you"ve successfully permitted Brief setting on your Echo devices. Currently when you concern a command come Alexa, the just real feedback you"ll gain is a speed of the LED lights on the device, and a short, quiet chime. Of course, you can reverse the process and toggle the short Mode switch to off if you ever before want to hear Alexa"s dulcet tones again.

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On the screen where girlfriend toggled brief Mode, friend may notification another setting called to whisper Mode. This is kind of a nice compromise in between having Alexa answer your requests at full volume, and having no real an answer other 보다 a flash of the irradiate ring and a quiet beep. This might be the setting for you if you still want some linguistic feedback however don"t want to disturb everyone in the room.

It should also be noted that brief Mode will not take far Alexa"s capacity to answer a concern that you do ask of her. Remainder assured the if friend ask Alexa around the weather or Abraham Lincoln"s birthday, she will still respond with the answer, and not a simple beep!