Do girlfriend feel like your Amazon Alexa is a bit too chatty sometimes? do you want her to just gain to the suggest already?

If so, you’re not alone. Alexa is infamous for speaking ago a bit too much and also saying “OK” after just around every command you offer her.

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Read on to learn how to easily minimize and streamline she responses and ultimately how to do Alexa stop saying yes altogether.

How to make Alexa prevent Saying “OK”

You have the right to make Alexa avoid saying yes sir by enabling Brief Mode. As soon as enabled, Alexa will protect against saying OK and also use a short tone instead! To do this open up the Amazon Alexa app and also click on much more and then Settings. Scroll down to Voice Responses and also click on enable Brief Mode.

How to permit Brief setting step-by-step

Maybe you’re in a rush, have guests over, or have a resting baby or partner close to by and you simply want Alexa to execute what you asked she to execute without much earlier and forth “conversation”.

Brief mode can aid with this, making Alexa talk less and use sounds and brief tones instead of indigenous to confirm execution that commands.

To allow Brief Mode:

1) open up the Alexa app on her smart phone


As one FYI, Brief mode is what Amazon call a “global feature” i m sorry just way that when you enable it in your Alexa app it will certainly be enabled for all of your Alexa tools at once.

Brief Mode

Amazon introduced quick Mode in 2018 in solution to user’s complaints around the chattiness of Alexa. If you’ve used Alexa for more than a month or so, friend know exactly what they’re talk about.

Sometimes she will simply go off on a tangent because that over a minute around something girlfriend never also asked.

Ask she to beat a song and she might repeat the whole song, artist and album name back to you to confirm she has actually it right before playing.

Or maybe you have actually a smart residence like me and you use Alexa to turn on and also off lights all day lengthy – you’ll get really annoyed once Alexa responds “OK, turning the lights on” ~ every solitary command you offer her.

Luckily Amazon took these complaints seriously and also released brief Mode to attend to this.

Whisper Mode

While you’re in the “Voice Responses” settings of the Alexa app you’ll also notification an choice to enable another feature called “Whisper Mode“.

This is yet another method to “limit” Alexa’s replies, other than this boundaries how loudly she speaks.

Once enabled, if you ask Alexa a inquiry or provide her a command in a whisper, she will certainly reply earlier in a whisper.

This is an excellent when someone is resting and/or if it’s so late at night and also you don’t want Alexa blaring transparent the residence waking everyone up.

Similar to quick Mode, Whisper setting is a global setting so when you permit it it will certainly become energetic on all her Amazon Alexa gadgets throughout her home.

Adaptive Volume

The last feature you’ll uncover in the “Voice Responses” setups of the Alexa app is “Adaptive Volume”.

This is a nice neat feature that is maybe to choose up on any type of ambient noise in the background and also increase Alexa’s volume accordingly.

Let’s speak for example that friend have world visiting and there is a conversation happening nearby. You’re in the middle of cooking and have a timer going v Alexa.

When you ask Alexa “Hey Alexa, exactly how much time is left on my timer”, Alexa will instantly detect the conversation noise nearby and answer you louder than she normally would.

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This is an additional extremely beneficial feature by Alexa, every in an effort to do the machine more situationally aware and dynamic.


If you’ve offered an Amazon Echo or show for also a couple of days you’ve probably wondered just how to make Alexa avoid saying OK after every solitary command you provide her.

Luckily Amazon released a function called brief Mode that, once permitted forces Alexa to avoid saying OK every the time and to speak much less overall. Instead of words Alexa uses a quick tone instead.

In enhancement to quick Mode, Alexa additionally offers Adaptive Volume and Whisper Mode. These features readjust the volume of Alexa’s voice increase or down, respectively, based upon surrounding noise and also feedback.

Used together these Voice Preferences have the right to really dial in her Alexa so that she is much less disruptive.