HOW TO do YOUR very own EASTER bunny COSTUME

WHAT friend NEED

Approximately 29.5 customs of grey marl sweatshirt product or similar for the external dress 10 inch of white fleece or felt20 inch t-shirt material or comparable for the inner dressScissorsSewing machinePins



The first step of making this DIY Easter hare costume is functioning out the dimensions for the dress (just a heads up – the difficulty level because that this costume is intermediate to difficult).

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The costume pictured to be a made for a 4-year-old boy so your measurements might be bigger/smaller depending upon the size of your child. You’re aiming to reduced two pieces of product like this:


For the within dress:

First measure her child approximately their chest just listed below their armpits divide this measure in fifty percent and add 2 inch to enable for seam allowance, this is measurement A. Add another 10cm for the width of the bottom the the dress this is measure B. Likewise measure the size from the middle of their chest to whereby you would favor the dress to complete approx. Mid-thigh, this is measure C. Top top a item of record draw a shape using these measurements. Curve the optimal of the shape down at each side so it looks like the one in the diagram below.

For the outer dress:

Use the same measurements as prior to but include 6 inches come measurement A, 4 inches come B and also 12.5 inches to C. Draw an additional template item that looks prefer the diagram.


Now to make the straps of your Easter hare costume.

Hold the inner dress pattern item up to her child and also then measure just how long the straps must be to overlap the front and the ago of the dress by roughly 2 inches. Cut a theme pic the is this measure by 7cm.

Using the templates cut out 2 inner dress pieces, 2 outer dress pieces, 4-star pieces and also finally one oval bunny tummy approximately 11 x 8 inches.


Machine sew the strap together leaving the tiny straight sheet unsewn. After sewing carefully trim away any excess material and also snip a few notches about the curve. Then turn ideal side out, press and repeat with the various other strap.



The following step is making the inner part of the dress. Pin the 2 lining pieces appropriate sides with each other down each side. Machine sew together then trim away any excess fabric.



Now do the outer part of the dress. Pin the tummy piece to the middle of one item of the grey fabric. Usage a zigzag stitch to device sew the tummy in place.


Take the two dress external pieces and also place appropriate sides together, pin along the two side edges then sew.



Now you have to gather the outer dress. Keeping the external dress best sides dealing with sew all around its top edge 2 parallel rows that stitching about 0.2 inches and 0.6 inch in native the edge. If you have it usage a stronger thread, collection your device to that longest stitch length and also don’t backstitch at the beginning and ends. Leave long lengths of object at every end. Repeat approximately the base of the dress.


At the top of the dress take among the subject from one of the rows that stitching and pull gently, the stitches need to start to conference up, save going it spins the peak of the outer dress is as broad as the peak of the within dress and the gathers space even. Repeat with the reduced row the stitches. NB: You deserve to do this with simply one row of stitches yet the second row stabilize the gather and helps keep it in place.

Repeat through the 2 rows of stitching around the basic of the dress, gathering the cloth tilt is as vast as the basic of the inside dress.



Place the external dress (still ideal sides facing) tummy down onto a flat surface. Take the two straps and place them on come the dress so the bent ends are dealing with down the dress in the direction of the bottom hem. Ar them about 10cm apart from the middle (this is a great time to try the dress on your son to make certain the straps are in the right place.) do sure around 2cm of towel is difficult up beyond the optimal of the dress, then pin in place.



Carefully insert the external dress into the inner dress lining the next seams up. Also, heat up the inner and outer dress optimal edges all around and then pin in place.



Machine sew roughly the top of the dress, sew approximately 1 inch under from the edge of the cloth so you sew past the two rows of gathering stitches. Maintaining right sides facing trim away any type of excess fabric.



Turn the dress right sides out (the two straps will pop out!) and then manipulate the fabric till the inner dress is within the outer dress, line up the top edge for this reason you can not really see the inner dress. Push with an steel to store this edge crisp.

At the bottom the the dress start pinning the sheet of the inner dress to the edge of the external dress – remember the external dress is much longer than the inner dress so you will certainly be pulling the inner dress under slightly to line the two edges up. Pin approximately the entirety dress. Then device sew. Again bland approx. 1 inch in from the sheet of the dress so you prevent the twin row the gathered stitching.



Carefully cut away every this overabundance material. You will an alert that you have actually a life seam leaf on the appropriate side of the dress, however as this will be concealed by the excess outer dress product it’s no too lot of a problem.



Once again manipulate the cloth so the optimal edges the the dress room aligned, the bottom the the dress will now be pulled up through the inside dress and the puffball impact will be created.





Now her DIY Easter rabbit outfit is taking shape, all that’s left to carry out is do a fluffy tail!


Fold every circle right into quarters and either an equipment or hand darn a pair of stitches at the allude of each circle to hold the great in place.


Place 4 of the urgently circles together to kind a circle. Hand stitch these together. Repeat with 4 more circles then ar one collection on height of another and sew in place.

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Take the final two urgently circles and also sew to the optimal of the stack, open up each circle the end a little to develop a quite fluffy tail.



And that’s it! your DIY Easter hare costume is finished and also ready because that your small one come wear to all her springtime celebrations!