Do friend love Mcdonald’s Egg McMuffin? A perfect toasted English muffin, a part of Candian bacon, and also a perfectly cooked egg, and also a slice of American cheese is the most-loved breakfast sandwich. You can make these at home.

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The humble egg McMuffin got its start in 1972. Herb Peterson, produced this recipe as soon as he want to create a breakfast sandwich. Through 1973, the McDonald’s Egg McMuffin became popular, and also it has actually been on the menu ever since.

You can produce your own egg McMuffin in ~ home, they are easy to create, and also best of all you can make number of at once, and also have breakfast because that a week. Nothing much better than saving money and also the time friend will spend reheating your sandwich will certainly be less time than it will certainly take you come wait in heat at the drive-through.

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This is what you must make a homemade egg McMuffin:

English muffinEggCanadian baconCheeseButterSalt and also Pepper


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How to make round eggs prefer McDonald’s

How do you obtain your eggs round as with McDonald’s? you will require to chef your eggs in miscellaneous round. When not an important in make this recipe, you can make it more authentic if the eggs room round.

You can acquire your eggs round through an egg ring, or some canning seasoned rings. Friend will require to location the ring top top a heat skillet and also then girlfriend will need to cook the egg inside of the ring.

What makes the egg ring unique? You should break the yolk, by breaking the yolk the egg will certainly cook much more evenly without obtaining overcooked and also rubbery.


How to do an Egg McMuffin

Split open up English Muffins toast castle in a toaster or toaster oven.In a non-stick skillet over medium heat, cook the Canadian bacon on both sides for around 1 come 2 minutes in two teaspoons that butter till it begins to brown.While the Canadian bacon is cooking, remove the English muffins native the toaster and spread softened butter top top both halves.Place the 1 slice of Canadian bacon on every English muffin bottom.Add around 1 tablespoon the butter to the very same skillet where you cook the bacon.Place the quart-sized canning lids screw dimension up (or you deserve to use one egg ring) into the skillet.Spray the canning lid with non-stick spray. Crack an egg into each the the rings.Break the yolk through a folk. Pour about 1/2 cup of water into the skillet, and place a lid top top top. Chef until the eggs room set, it have to take around two minutes.Gently eliminate the eggs from the rings, and also place one egg ~ above each item of Canadian bacon.Top every egg with one part of American cheese, optimal cheese with the height of the English muffin.Wrap each egg McMuffin through foil or parchment paper. Wait around 30 seconds prior to serving.

Special egg McMuffin Tools

You will want to have round eggs to make this work-related you can accomplish this task in 3 various ways. Ever wondered how to make those McDonald’s egg rounds? These devices will help you make those egg rounds at home.

Canning jar ring – these deserve to work as one-of-a-kind egg rings, you need to spray them v non-stick spray before using, otherwise, they will certainly stick.

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