Imagine if you could make one simple tweak to her old PC, and also see one instant an increase in the speed.

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Or also better:

What if there were 6 of these tweaks…?

…and every of them are rock solid ways of making your old computer run favor the brand-new one.

You’d most likely be excited come know about them, after all there is no funny slogging v a slow-moving PC, right!

Lucky because that you that’s’ specifically what ns going to share in this post:

6 rock Solid ways to Make her Old pc Run soon FASTER.

Before, us delve into the tweaks, start by expertise the present state of her computer. To execute that open Task Manager.

Under Performance tab girlfriend will check out the graphical watch of your CPU usage and also your physical storage usage. If you watch you space running out of memory, climate it’s time for you come delete the unused files folders or apps, or you can increase her memory size.


Lets’ talk about ways to instantly do your pc run faster:

1)Restart your computer: friend can entirely shut under or restart her pc when you find your computer has become sluggish. Though it is an extremely old-school and short lasting procedure it proves to be reliable to buck up rate instantly.

Warning! prior to you move to additional steps, conserve or take backup of your vital files and also documents into an exterior hard -drive.

2)Run in-built virus/malware scanner: you have in-built scanner easily accessible from windows 7. Just you must search because that “Microsoft protection essentials” on find box on home windows icon and also click ~ above scan now. This scans your pc thoroughly in ~ seconds and also gives you information about the threats, also provides you through an alternative to clean them.

3) Conduct a clean-up conference for her pc: clean all the unused file, folder and additionally uninstall all the unused applications and also programs. From the “Programs panel” you have the right to select and also remove the unwanted files. ~ you space done with cleaning up your pc don’t forget to clean your data from the recycle-bin.

Remo Optimizer can automate the procedure of constant PC maintain checkup and also in turn aid to rate up her PC.

Download Remo Optimizer because that Free.

4)Check your hard-disk space: The rate of the hard-disk counts upon the capacity of RAM, if it is heavily loaded or running out of memory you should work on it and increase an are (memory) or delete files. It is recommended the at least 15% that the memory have to be vacant for fluent working of your PC. Less memory size is among the prominent reason for slow speed the pc one of the option is to buy SSD which can be quickly attachable and portable for raising memory size.

# Step1. Just press windows vital + E or Open record Explorer or you can tap the folder symbol in the Taskbar.

#Step 2. Left click on This computer

#Step 3. You can see the lot of cost-free space ~ above your hard disk under the home windows (C:) drive.


If you want to have actually a detailed view of difficult disk you have chosen you deserve to right click your tough disk and then on properties.

5)Upgrade your hardware follow to the OS: civilization keeps on installing more recent versions the the OS launched, this might be among the factor or slow-moving down the the hard-drive hence slowing your PC. The behind is the every hard-ware was constructed to support a details OS. When new OS variation is set up the hard-ware find it an overwhelming to it is in compatible with it. So the is recommded to frequently upgrading your pc hard-drive.

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6)Prevent unnecessary regime from beginning when computer system is turn on: There space some program which start running as quickly as the computer is turn on, therefore causing the computer to perform more work and also hampering the speed. This programs are useless and unnessarily consuming power our hard-disk. Its far better to avoid these regime from running.

To execute so click on start button->run->msconfig->system configuration. Mechanism config. Will show all the programs that will begin running as shortly as you boots up the system. You can uncheck the routine you don’t want to run.



Remo Optimizer is a software tool that automatically repairs computer registry errors. The cost-free version the this software application repairs paper associations and font entries, and permits you to remove startup programs. Upgrading to the premium paid variation for $59.97 allows you come clean and fix system errors, totally free up computer system memory and optimize your PC.


mechanism Requirements

Operating System – Microsoft windows 8, home windows 7, home windows Vista, home windows XP, home windows 2003 and Windows 2008

RAM – 1 GB ram Recommended)

Free decaying space - 50 MB (for installation)

System Type - support both 32-bit & 64-bit PC

You should log in to her Windows pc as regional System Administrator to install and also use this software