This weekend project has actually three an easy parts: 2 wing walls and also a facility pole through the plumbing attached. All products are available at the residence Depot.

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Time: One weekend (4 hrs of labor, plus dry time because that sealer)

Difficulty: 3 (on a scale of 1–10; needs modest woodworking skills)

Cost: around $170

See the step-by-step instructions


Measuring tapeSquareCircular sawElectric drill and also bits3/4-inch paddle bitPost-hole diggerLevelPaint brush

Frame materials:

Two 26- by 72-inch panels that corrugated metal roofingFour 8-foot-long redwood 2-by-4sTwo 10-foot-long redwood 2-by-4sOne 8-foot-long peeler-core logForty 3½-inch deck screwsEighteen 1¼-inch self-tapping steel screws1 quart water-based lumber sealer

Shower materials:

1 role nylon plumbing tape1 showerhead1 shower armTwo 1/2-inch elbowsTwo 36-inch-long 1/2-diameter pipes, threaded at every endOne 1/2-inch threaded gate-valve faucetOne 8-inch-long 1/2-diameter pipeOne 3/4- by 12-inch water tap coupling dubbed a “female water tap to female swivel”2 C-shaped pipeline hangers1 garden hose connected to one exterior water spigot



Each wing wall surface has a 6-foot-long corrugated metal roof dashboard that’s screwed come a framework made that 2-by-4 lumber.


Each frame requires 2 90-inch side pieces and also four 26½-inch crosspieces.

We offered redwood because that the frames, which was defended with a water-based sealer prior to attaching the panels. A much less expensive alternative is pressure-treated lumber.

Panel choices include clear, frosted, or fancy fiberglass roofing, aluminum flashing, or colorful oil or acrylic cloth.

1. each wing wall has a 6-foot-long corrugated metal roof panel that’s screwed come a framework made of 2-by-4 lumber. Each framework requires 2 90-inch next pieces and also four 26½-inch crosspieces. Note: We provided redwood because that the frames, which was defended with a water-based sealer before attaching the panels.

2. The wing walls connect to one 8-foot-long pressure-treated peeler-core log in outfitted with 1/2-inch galvanized steel piping, a faucet, and also a showerhead.

Lay out and also assemble the galvanized piping using nylon pipes tape at every joint, however do not add the water tap coupling at the end of the 8-inch bottom pipeline yet.


The soup walls attach to one 8-foot-long pressure-treated peeler-core log outfitted with 1/2-inch galvanized metal piping, a faucet, and a showerhead.


This showers offers only cold-water lines native a garden hose and is no intended for long showers, for this reason we have actually only built simple drainage.

Water will circulation into the gravel and also soil underfoot, watering her plants while it cools you off.

Center and drill a 3/4-inch-diameter hole with the pole 78 inches native the top. On slide the quick leg that pipe through the hole, then facility the pipe and also faucet ~ above the pole and secure it v C-shaped pipe hangers. Include the hose coupling and then hook it as much as the garden hose to pressure-test for leaks.

3. discover a ar for the shower. We placed it on a gravel pad to assist drainage and also also included concrete pavers to stand on.

Dig a 12-inch-deep hole for the facility shower pole. Ar it therefore the faucet take care of will project exterior at 45° between the soup walls. Set the wing wall surfaces at square to each other and attach them come the pole (with 3 12-inch screws each) so your legs only go 6 inches right into the ground. Inspect verticality through a level before tamping and compacting soil.

Other choices

Frame: for appearance, we made decision redwood decking with few knots. A much less expensive (but less attractive) selection would it is in pressure-treated lumber. Paint the structure is an additional option.

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Panels: We used panels the corrugated galvanized metal, however you could instead purchase clear, frosted, or colored panels of fiberglass roofing (note: they room not always available precut in 6-foot lengths). Aluminum flashing can be a pretty substitute, and also oil cloth or acrylic fabric might work-related for a shooting of color too.