Baked BBQ Drumsticks that space baked come tender, juicy perfection room extra quick and also easy with only 4 ingredients. With only 5 minute of prep, these are a winner for both a kid-friendly meal or a hearty appetizer the totality family deserve to enjoy!


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BBQ Chicken Drumsticks – The straightforward Way!

If we reduced to the follow here, there room not very many recipes the end there that are as EASY and TASTY together this one! With only 4 ingredient this chicken deserve to go indigenous your fridge to your stove in minutes.

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The BBQ Drumsticks room tender, juicy and also full the flavor as soon as they come out piping hot and ready come serve.

So if friend love recipes that are:

FastSimpleDeliciousLoved by kids and also adults alike

Then this one is for you! Grab part chicken legs and let’s gain cooking.

What come Serve with BBQ Chicken

Being born and also raised in Texas we LOVE barbecue and also all the foods items that go together with it. Among the best parts around the BBQ odor is the it will pair well with so numerous different varieties of foods.

There are standard BBQ political parties listed, along with some less classic family favorites we love below.

Side dish Ideas

ColeslawPotato SaladBaked BeansMac & CheeseCorn top top the Cob

You can choose one or add a couple of sides to make a wholesome, well rounded dinner.

Recipe Notes

This BBQ Chicken recipe is as an easy as promised! just 4 ingredients and also 20 minutes because that a household friendly meal.

In this section I am going to go v a couple of tips and also tricks ns use as soon as making this cooking recipes to gain the pure best and most delicious results.

Make certain to scroll to the bottom for the full recipe card.


Chicken Drumsticks – This recipe makes around 8, for this reason shoot for that, or if you want leftovers or room feeding a group you can gain a family members pack. This recipe to be designed because that drumsticks, yet you can substitute chicken legs, chicken wing or also chicken breast. The baking time will readjust depending top top the cut, size, and whether the is bone in though.Butter – salted or unsalted will both work. I usually use salted since it is what I keep on hand.

Recipe Tips

Line the baking sheet – This recipe is quick and easy to make, however by lining your baking sheet v foil it have the right to be even easier to clean up. The BBQ sauce have the right to make a bit of a mess as it bakes, so this renders clean increase a cinch. You deserve to use parchment in lieu the foil, yet I find foil t work a small better.Make sure the BBQ sauce is room temp. Once mixing the BBQ sauce mixture girlfriend will desire the BBQ sauce to it is in room temperature or a small warm. If you room taking a party out the the fridge, pour it in a microwavable container and heat it increase quickly prior to mixing the other ingredients in.This permits the butter to mix more evenly right into the sauce. If the BBQ Sauce is cold, friend can finish up through the butter coming to be solid again prior to mixing right into the sauce completely.Coat the chicken well– Make sure to acquire a nice, even, special coat that BBQ sauce on every side that the chicken. This will aid there be enough to both roasted in and still leave a nice even coat top top the external of the chicken breast.Extra Saucy BBQ Chicken – If you choose your BBQ drumsticks extra saucy, you can brush them with extr BBQ sauce ~ cooking. *make certain not to usage the exact same sauce you brushed on prior to to prevent cross contamination.

How lengthy to cook Chicken Drumsticks in the Oven

You will chef the drumsticks at 425˚F for around 35 minutes. They room cooked because that 25 minute on the an initial side, flipped and also cooked secondary 8-12 min to finished.

To it is in done, the chicken should cook to an internal temperature 165˚F.

The food preparation time will vary a small depending on size of the chicken, the warmth of the oven and also the climate.

Dietary Considerations

If you have actually special diet needs, this recipe meets some and also can be easily modified to comply with others.

As always, check all keep bought ingredients for compliance on details dietary needs. The notes listed below are a general guide.

Gluten free: This recipe is naturally gluten complimentary when you usage homemade BBQ sauce and homemade Italian dressing. Many BBQ sauce and also Italian dressing are gluten free, yet some will certainly not be so absolutely check the packaging if using save bought.Dairy free: This recipe have the right to be amendment to be dairy totally free by substituting olive oil because that butter.Nut free: This BBQ Chicken Drumsticks recipe is naturally nut freeEgg free: This cooking recipes is normally egg freeMacros: The approximate macro calculation for this recipe is- P: 27g C: 15g F: 20g

Freezer enjoy the meal Instructions

This recipe deserve to be all set as a freezer meal. You have the right to keep the dish frozen for up to 6 months because that the finest flavor.

Package the chicken drumsticks in a freezer bag or freezer friendly container.Prepare the BBQ sauce mixture and package in a separate freezer bag or container.Freeze.When ready to cook, thaw because that 24-48 hrs in the refrigerator till meat is totally thawed.Stir sauce and also then do recipe together directed.

BBQ Drumsticks Leftovers

If you have actually leftovers ~ making this BBQ Chicken Drumsticks, then it is your lucky day! they save and reheat well, and can make the begin of another delicious dish.

To conserve leftovers, separate right into meal sized portions and also then place in one airtight container and store:

in the refrigerator because that 3-4 daysin the freezer up to a month

Leftover Recipes

Here room a few ways come repurpose those leftovers and give castle a delicious makeover!

BBQ Chicken Salad– Perfect because that a quick lunch.BBQ Chicken Stuffed Potatoes– an excellent for an easy prep-ahead dinner.

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More easy Recipes

If you took pleasure in this recipe, ns really hope you will certainly take a minute to grab a couple of more simple recipes for another busy night!

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