Cookie Dough ice cream Cream maker Recipe. How come make your favourite Ben & Jerrys cookie dough ice cream using your ice cream cream maker. Not only is this Ben & jerry’s copycat recipe amazing, however it is likewise much cheaper, funny to make at home and perfect because that summer ice cream cream days.

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Cookie Dough ice cream Cream in ice Cream Maker

Cookie Dough

Welcome to my copycat cookie dough ice cream cream recipe for the ice cream cream maker. Updated for the summer the 2020 after initially sharing it v you earlier in the June of 2016 and also a favourite in the Milner house.

Born in the 1980s and growing increase in the 1990’s in north England intended that throughout my childhood I never ever tried cookie dough or even knew the such a point existed.

I never missed the end on small goods, it was simply British baked goods rather 보다 American and also there was never a thing for cookie dough in England, well not ago then.

The very first time I ever before tried cookie dough was when Dominic introduced me come Ben & Jerry’s, and I tried their Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough ice cream cream tubs.

It was favor love at an initial sight and also a couple of years later on with an upgrade on my favourite brothers baking book, i noticed the inclusion of chocolate chip cookies.

I tried them for the very first time, and also I was smitten and also since then we have actually transformed them come air fryer cacao chip cookie that us make regularly in the Milner house.

When ago in the summer of 2016 we operated our means through our favourite ice cream creams in our ice cream maker, that was expected that a copycat variation of our favourite Ben & jerry’s Cookie Dough would make the cut.

We have actually updated it for you, and also OMG i will update it every week as it’s the perfect forgive to gain the ice cream an equipment out and also the hand mixer and make a batch that cookie dough.


The procedure of make homemade Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cream using an ice cream machine is SIMPLE:

You do a fifty percent batch of cacao chip cookie dough and make into little balls and also load into the freezer.You whisk with each other the egg yolks and the sugar till they space light and also fluffy.Heat milk and cream in a pan and also load it with vanilla essence.Combine the warm and the cold and also warm increase the eggs and the sugar.Load into the freezer for quick cooling.Churn her vanilla ice cream cream because that 30 minutes.Once it has actually finished churning load into the ice cream cream maker your flake and your cookie dough that you have cut into quarters.Churn for 5 more minutes so that the chocolate and also cookie dough has chance to completely mix.Load into containers and freeze because that later.

Cookie Dough ice Cream Ingredients

The ingredients to make your own homemade Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough space ingredients that you can quickly buy indigenous the supermarket.

EggsSingle CreamWhole Milk

What us did was make our favourite air fryer cookie dough and instead of waiting frying, us loaded them right into the freezer instead. We have a favourite paper pan that we use just for the freezer.

We layer cookie dough rounds onto it, partially freeze and then cut into quarters all set for the ice cream maker.


By act a partial freeze it firms up the cookie dough and also makes her cookie dough ice cream less complicated to make.

Cookie Dough ice cream Cream Without coco Chips

Growing up in England cacao chips have actually never to be a thing. At any time I check out them in supermarkets they are overpriced and also often lack quality.

What I uncover works far better is either chocolate chunks or grated chocolate.

Cookie dough ice cream without cacao chips is likewise important if you have actually dental sensitivities as the coco chips clash v the cold ice cream.

My favourite choice is utilizing Cadbury’s Flake together its straightforward to rest up and you deserve to use slightly bigger chunks in ar of chocolate chips.


What does Cookie Dough ice cream Cream Taste Like?

I love the taste the both Ben & jerry Cookie Dough and my own homemade cookie dough cooking recipes made in the ice cream maker.

Both carry out taste contempt different.

Ben & jerry’s has more cookie dough climate I placed in mine together I still love to taste the vanilla ice cream cream and the cookie dough pieces.

My cookie dough piece were likewise slightly smaller.

The taste is as with a well-off creamy vanilla ice cream cream through some coco cookie dough chunks.

Because they have been partially frozen, they space perfectly shaped and are no messy, compared to as soon as you lick out a cookie dough bowl.

Does Cookie Dough ice Cream have actually Nuts?

No, it does not. Every my other nut allergy suffers deserve to unite in your love because that cookie dough, discovering that this cookie dough ice cream cream is nut free.

Both myself and also my 18 year old son have actually a seed allergy and its one of the an excellent things about making your own, is knowing exactly what is going right into it.

Does Cookie Dough ice cream Cream have actually Raw Eggs?

We speak above about cookie dough having actually no raw eggs. However what around your cookie dough ice cream cream?

Even despite our homemade ice cream an equipment vanilla ice cream cream starts off v raw egg yolks amongst its recipe ingredients, they are cooked when you make the custard that forms the basic of the vanilla ice cream cream.

Meaning the if you room concerned about raw egg i.e. If you room pregnant, that this ice cream recipe is an extremely much for sure to consume.


What I prefer to carry out with my leftover cookie dough, is to use it to make a cookie dough ice cream sandwich.

You might use fifty percent of our recommended cookie dough mixture right into your ice cream, or do a full bowl and then the leftovers have the right to be made right into cookie rounds that will certainly make girlfriend the best cookie dough ice cream sandwich friend have ever before tried.

What I do is follow our wait fryer cookies recipe, then role out mine cookie dough through biscuit cutters and also then chef the cookie dough and also then I have the correct ring to make a cookie dough sandwich.

Then wait for them to cool as otherwise the ice cream cream will certainly melt method too fast, then load my ice cream in in between two cookie rounds.

They are amazing EVERY single TIME and good alternative to having a key of cookie dough ice cream.

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