BURGER do 101

There’s a BBQ continue at her house.Crap. You’re in charge of do perfect backyard barbecue food for other PEOPLE. Execute you panic and realize you don’t know how to make a good burger? take the extra skinny ground beef in ~ the grocery store? Or perhaps you run directly to the frozen aisle and grab those frozen patties? citizens patties are burger patties…right?! Keep analysis to uncover out how to make asimple, tension free, and delicious basic burger. I also have tips on how to do those frozen patties taste homemade. You’ll desire to send a large old shout the end to Harmons grocery for sponsoring this post and inspiring me toteach you just how to make a burger.

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1. It’s All around The Beef


Look for ground beef (or ground chuck) that has an 80/20 fat percentage. This means it has actually 80% skinny meat, 20% fat. Shot to avoid 85% or 90%extra skinny beef. It always says the fat percent right ~ above the package.

I choose to get my ground beef native Harmons Grocery. Lock grind every one of their beefin store so you know it is as fresh as deserve to be!


Fat makes your citizens stick with each other better! lean ground beef burgers often tend to autumn apart easier. If you are pan searing her burger, the fat will certainly “melt” out of the burger into the pan and help type a pretty crust on your burger. Plus, the fat just makes it taste better.


2. The Seasonings


Salt & Pepper.

That’s every youneed. Of food you deserve to put various other seasoning in your meat if you desire to experiment, yet for a deliciously an easy burger, salt and pepper go a lengthy way.

For the salt, you deserve to use consistent table salt, garlic salt, or any other kind of seasoning salt. I have tendency to use half regular salt half garlic salt.


I tend to usage 1 tsp pepper and 2 tsp salt every 2 lbs (more or less) floor beef.


Right before you space going to cook up the burgers (you don’t desire the salt to sit in the meat an extremely long or you will gain dry burgers) tenderness mix the salt into the beef.

Use a fork or your hands to easy toss the beef/salt/pepper mixture together.Over-mixing causes tough burgers.


3. Forming The Patty


Divide the soil beef right into how plenty of burgers you desire to make (generally 4-6 burgers per 2 lbs of ground beef). Gently form into a ball, softly smash into a disc, and press an indent into the middle. Job-related gently come avoid creating a tough burger. The indentation help the burger cook evenly.


Divide soil beef into mounds depending on how countless burgers you want to do (generally 8 quit burgers for 2 lbs). Friend don’t require to form these right into discs before cooking them.


4.How to Grill your Burgers


Grilling her burgers is among the most well-known ways to make burgers. That is basic to do, doesn’t heat up your home in the summer, and also you gain a quite smoky feel from the flames. That is also a good way to chef up a lot of burgers at once.

METHOD:Preheat the grill top top medium/high heat.Place the burgers ~ above the grill and cook 3-5 minutes.Flip the burgers and cook 3-5 minutes an ext depending on how done and how big you desire your burgers.To check burger doneness you can 1) cut into the or 2) use a thermometer.Temperature must read at the very least 160 levels Fahrenheit.Let burgers remainder 1-2 minutes prior to serving.


5.How to Pan Sear her Burgers – The traditional Way


Pan searing is a an excellent option if you don’t have a grill, or if you want a quite crust on your burger. The just warning I have for this, is that you can’t chef too numerous burgers in ~ once. If you room trying to chef a many burgers, this may not it is in the ideal option.

METHOD:Preheat a skillet (preferably cast iron or stainless steel).Place in a tiny amount (about 1 tsp) that canola oil.Place 2 burger patties ~ above the pan.Cook the an initial side for about 3-4 minutes.Flip the burger and cook aboutfor one more 3-4 minutes.To examine burger doneness you deserve to 1) reduced into that or 2) usage a thermometer.Temperature should read at the very least 160 levels Fahrenheit.Let burgers rest 3-5 minutes prior to serving.

*Letting the burgers rest enables the juices in the burgess to obtain absorbed, therefore creating a quite juicy burger.

6.How come Pan SearYour Burgers – The quit Method


Smash Burgers! This is a method to make those popular, at sight thin, hamburger patties. You additionally get to prevent the action of gaining your hand super dirty and also forming the patties right into perfect discs.

METHOD:Preheat a skillet (preferably actors iron or stainless steel).Place in a tiny amount (about 1 tsp) that canola oil.Place one or two piles of floor beef in the pan.Smash flat with a spatula (you can use a wood spoon to assist you push down top top the spatula)Cook the first side for around 1-2 minutes, until the patty it s okay a pretty crust.Flip the burger and cook around 1 minute longer.

7. How To do Frozen Patties Taste Good


Salt & Pepper. Constantly salt and also pepper. Spread the patties out on a baking sheet or parchment paper, and also sprinkle on part salt and also pepper. Flip the patties over and repeat the sprinkling process.

Follow the direction on the packages on just how to chef the patties. Some require you come thaw the patties, others say it’s it s okay to chef them directly frozen. Either method – salt and pepper!!

For an included flavor element, you can brush (or spoon or spread) barbecue sauce onto the patties as they room cooking. Nobody will ever know lock were store bought frozen patties.

As a side note, if you pick to go the frozen route, please uncover all beef patties and also preferable the 80/20 ratio. Harmons has actually their own brand the frozen patties and they occur to it is in ground and frozenin store! So friend know specifically where they came from and that they space as fresh…as frozen patties deserve to be. They space the just ones I’ll use!

8.Toppings and also Buns


First things first, obtain all your toppings prepared before you chef the burgers. Food preparation burgers doesn’t take an extremely long and also usually calls for your fist so girlfriend won’t have actually time to prep the toppings. Just gain all those delicious toppings and set them aside once you chef the burgers.

There are no rules because that toppings. I will certainly not referee you when it pertains to the toppings you place on her burgers. Her burger is a spiritual place and also I will perform nothing to was standing in your way.


Cheeeeeeese. If you space taking those patties native hamburger tocheeseburger, I suggest doing therefore after the an initial flip (this goes for either grilled, seared or smashed). Just make sure you don’t flip the burgerback over or all that cheesy goodness will obtain stuck to the grill or pan. To assist the cheese in melting to the can be fried melty-ness, close the grill lid or cover her pan v a grill. Cheesey perfection.

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A buncan in reality make or break a burger. Okay, possibly not that extreme. But a bun deserve to take a an easy burger indigenous “this is delicious”, to “OMG this is the most delicious citizens you should tell me all of your secrets”. If over there is a burger joint by you and you simply LOVE their buns, view if they offer them! A most times lock do. My new favorite choice for citizens buns, space challah (sounds prefer ‘holla’) rolls from Harmons. Serious though, try challah rolfes for your hamburger buns – please. It’s amazing. However if you space strolling through the bread aisle staring at all the buns and you have no idea where to start I have a couple of suggestions. 1. Potato buns are wonderful and sturdy options. 2. Buns that have flavoring choose onion rolls or something cheesy will certainly up your burger smell game. 3. My favorite generic citizens bun brand is Dunford. However, you can experiment with burger buns as much as you’d favor until you find your very favorite!

Las however not least, if you have time, toast those buns!Those lightly toasted buns will offer your burgess extra strength and aid it indigenous falling apart right into a (glorious) disaster.