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The is the finest Butterbeer recipe ever! You have the right to make the same good tasting Frozen Butterbeer from universal Studios ideal from home!

This is the most really Butterbeer cooking recipes ever! You can make that from home and get the same good taste together the Frozen Butterbeer from universal Studios Wizarding people of bother Potter and it is basic to make!

Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe

If you have actually been to the Wizarding world of harry Potter at global Orlando, then possibilities are you have tried the Butterbeer! Frozen Butterbeer or warm Butterbeer…that is the question!

Ready to have a frozen butterbeer any kind of time you desire it native the lull of her home? We carry out too!

Not a problem… here is the an extremely best copycat Butterbeer recipe you have been wait for!We tried every one of the execution of Butterbeer in ~ Universal and we were obsessed. We just knew the we had actually to number out how to make it in ~ home!

Universal has a regular version v its delicious foamy topping, a warm version which is perfect because that a cold winter day, however our favorite variation was the frozen butterbeer. That was past amazing.

(BUT WAIT, now there is Butterbeer ice Cream at Universal and also I have a recipe for it too!)

The ideal Butterbeer Recipe

Walking around the Wizarding world of harry Potter at global Orlando and Islands that Adventure, friend feel like you simply stepped into the take care of Potter book series!

All the the shops and restaurants are as with you would certainly imagine them. Us loved walking v Hogwarts and Gringott’s and also trying the end our wonder wands in one-of-a-kind places around the parks!

Planning a expedition to universal Orlando? climate be sure to examine out my Tips for Visiting global Orlando and Tips for Visiting global Orlando during the Holidays! friend won’t want to walk without reading these first!

When we were hike the roadways of Hogsmeade, us saw people lining up at a cart. What were they waiting for? The famed Butterbeer!

Of course, if every one of these people were make the efforts it, we didn’t desire to miss out on out. So, we thought we would provide it a shot and boy were we glad we did! It to be seriously a crazy good delicious drink!

Are friend Harry Potter obsessed? then be sure to see all of these an excellent Harry Potter Recipe and also Craft Ideas! (They are good for a take care of Potter layout party!)

Easy Homemade Butterbeer Recipe

Of course, the an initial thing I had actually to carry out was shot to recreate this very delicious treat and also learn just how to do frozen butterbeer!

Well…after 3 years and also lots that trials and also errors (but it was tasty trying all those errors) us nailed it!

I am informing you this is THE ideal butterbeer recipe ever! I have been earlier to universal Orlando and compared them….this is the closestly we have tasted.

This one is for the frozen butterbeer version, in search of the hot butterbeer version, we have that too! shortly to come….the adult-only version!!

By the way…. To be you conscious that Starbucks has a mystery Butterbeer cooking recipes on their an enig menu? desire to bespeak one? just ask for the following:

Starbucks Butterbeer Frappuccino Recipe:

Ask for a creme based frappuccino3 pumps toffee nut syrup3 pumps caramel syrupTop it off through some caramel drizzle

Starbucks Butterbeer Latte Recipe:

Order a totality milk steamer through two shots that espresso2 pumps caramel syrup3 pumps toffee nut syrup3 pumps cinnamon dolceTop the off with whipped cream and also caramel drizzle (you can go totally extra and ask for salted caramel bits, if available)

Ingredients necessary to makeFrozen Butterbeer

vanilla ice cream (splurge and also use the full-fat version!!)2 can be ~ of cream soda (1 will be provided to do 2 cup of cream soda ice cream cubes.)imitation butter extractrum extractbutterscotch syrup or butterscotch ice cream cream toppingsalt

How to make a homemade Butterbeer

There are lots of recipes out there to make Butterbeer, yet none space as straightforward as this one! seize your chocolate frogs and also get all set for a special treat!

STEP 1: The just thing girlfriend really have to do to prep is freezing her cream soda into ice cubes because that a few hours prior to you are prepared to make this. Simply pour a cup the cream soda right into your ice cream cube trays and freeze until frozen (about 3-4 hours).

STEP 2: making use of a blender, take around 2 cups of the cream soda ice cream cubes, ice cream cream, imitation butter extract, rum extract, 1 cup the cream soda, butterscotch topping, salt and also blend till smooth!

STEP 3: Pour into your favourite mug (we choose to use a frosted mug) peak with whipped cream and also drizzle v butterscotch topping and also enjoy!

Here are some answers come some common questions us get around our homemade butterbeer recipe!

Frequently inquiry Questions

What is Butterbeer from universal Studios do of?

No one really knows for sure, due to the fact that Universal won’t release the official ingredients. However, our version base is made from cream soda through some delicious add-ins to provide it simply the right flavor.

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What is bother Potter Butterbeer?

Butterbeer was a beverage indigenous the well-known Harry Potter series. It was described as tasting a little bit like butterscotch. It was offered in the take care of Potter books at the three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade.

Does Butterbeer save alcohol?

In J.K. Rollings bother Potter books, the is claimed that butterbeer contains the slightest little of alcohol, but we chose to make it without any type of alcohol therefore the children could reap it!

How to make an alcoholic version of Butterbeer?

While our variation is entirely alcohol-free, i wouldn’t be opposed to adding a tiny butterscotch schnapps or salted caramel vodka! Just include a small in and also blend it up v the remainder of the ingredients!