Creamy chicken and also vegetables, all cooked in the exact same pan, topped with fluffy homemade drop biscuits, climate baked until browned and bubbly!

Time for part down home comfort food! This homestyle chicken and also biscuits cooking recipes will heat your soul and is hearty sufficient for even the hungriest crowd!


Y’all. Us have had actually like 2 weeks straight of sickness here in the Chunky cook household. Anyone has had some kind of virus, and we’ve all passed them around, no issue how countless times i clean, sanitize and lysol the house. To say we’re in require of part comfort food is a vast understatement!!

Plus, it’s just that time the year right? The weather is cooling down, it it s okay dark sooner… it’s completely time because that comfort!


This chicken and biscuits recipe is straight from mine friends Donna and also Chad’s new cookbook, The straightforward Kitchen. Lock blog over at The slow-moving Roasted Italian. This is their an initial cookbook, and also after reading this one, I’m sure it’ll it is in a vast hit. I mean, web page after page of an excellent recipes! I had a really difficult time narrowing down which cooking recipes to share through you all.

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I worked out on this one, being a Midwestern festival myself, since not only is it a true down-home sort of meal, yet one ns hadn’t actually created myself before.

Aside native this exceptional recipe, there are SO countless other good ones, favor Triple Cheesy Mac and Cheese, stacked Cantina Nachos, honey Ginger Glazed Carrots, legendary Pecan Pie Bars, and MORE! Every sort of cooking recipes is spanned in this book… indigenous Appetizers to Desserts, and also my favourite section, the day-to-day Kitchen Essentials. You deserve to buy their publication HERE! ns promise, you won’t remorse it!


Have you ever had classic chicken and also biscuits before? It’s traditionally a Midwestern and also Southern dish, however I’m certain it’s a favorite amongst other areas of the country too