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If you are going to do tulle pew bows, to buy tulle through the role - not by the bolt. It comes in 6" wide and usually has 100 yards or more on the spool. Trying to conserve money by cutting the 45" or 54" vast tulle to do bows will just offer you a most headaches - it"s not worth it! How countless spools that tulle friend will need depends on the dimension of your bows.Here is a straightforward chart:

∙8" diameter Bow - 3 yards because that the bow and also 1/2 garden for the tail

∙12" diameter Bow - 4 yards because that the bow and also 1/2 yard for the tails

∙16" diameter bow - 5 1/2 yards because that the bow and 1/2 yard for the tails

That means that out of a 65 garden bolt the tulle you can get around 18 small bows , around 14 medium size bows, and also 10 big bows.

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On a cardboard backing, mark the diameter the the bow you want.  for instance, if you want your bows to it is in 12" across, then measure the width and also mark the on a item of cardboard. 


Tulle have the right to be an extremely slippery to job-related with. You should fold her tulle ago and forth favor an accordian pleat. Pin the reduced end top top the first mark with two corsage pins. Wrinkles tulle earlier to second mark. Pin through two pins.

Continue weaving ago and forth, removing each pin separately, repinning each time to assist keep the class of tulle in place.


Keep adding more layers till you have actually the number of loops you want on every side. I usually execute at least 5 on each side to get a an excellent full bow. Pen all 4 corners securely.


Take a 3" length of tulle and slide one finish of it with your hand under the pinned layers. This length of tulle is what friend will usage to tie the facility of the bow. 


Pull both ends upward, ideal in the center of the great of tulle.

Make a square knot with the reduced tulle in the center.

If girlfriend want different colored tails, or more white tails, add an ext lengths of tulle in the center, tie each new tail right into a square knot.

Upin and put her hand inside each loop, pulling the the end of the layers.  give each loop a spicy twist.

Continue until all loops ~ above both sides had been twisted and also fluffed out.

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Tie end a hanger and hang on curtain rod.  do NOT keep in bags or bows, together this have the right to crease and flatten bows.  Wait until the bow is fastened come the pew to reduced the bottom sashes come length.


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